Sahara Group Founder Subrata Roy Passes Away | 10 Things to Know About Him

Early Life and Career

Born in 1948, Subrata Roy hailed from Bihar Araria. His journey began with humble roots, but his ambition knew no bounds. 

Achievements and Impact

Under Subrata Roy’s leadership, the Sahara Group became synonymous with success.  

Legal Troubles

However, success was not without its challenges. Subrata Roy faced legal troubles that cast a shadow over the Sahara Group.  


Despite the legal woes, Subrata Roy was also known for his philanthropic endeavors.  

Personal Life

Beyond the boardroom, Subrata Roy was a family man with a deep commitment to his loved ones. 


The legacy left behind by Subrata Roy is one of both triumphs and challenges, shaping the narrative of the Sahara Group for years to come.