6 reasons why you should spend time with your eyes closed everyday

Removing the onslaught

Firstly, we are always connected to the people around us, leaving our mind very little rest; and secondly, we are unable to shut ourselves off from the world even if we try. 

Reducing visual input

Sadhguru explains the importance of closing your eyes for an extended period of time in his speech.  

Achieving Pratyahara

The act of spending time with eyes closed emulates this within the confines of one’s home. 

Sensory engagement

Visual engagement is one of the primary ways in which we interact with the outside world.  

Let your mind’s content flow

When you stop engaging with the rest of the world, you will truly begin to engage with your mind.  

Don’t expect a transcendental experience

Often when we perform any yogic exercise, we tend to think it will provide us a transcendental experience.