10 Secrets About The Food Industry They Don’t Want You To Know

Mastering The Art Of Deceptive Labelling

Beyond the aesthetically pleasing labels and seductive descriptions, deceptive labelling practices thrive. 

Sugar’s Stealthy Onslaught

The pervasive influence of sugar stands as one of the darkest secrets in the food industry’s arsenal. 

Crafting Flavor Illusions With Additive

Artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives act as the illusionists of the food industry, captivating our taste buds and altering the appearance of products.  

The Mirage Of Choice

While supermarket shelves boast an illusion of abundance, the truth is a handful of mighty corporations govern the majority of brands. 

GMOs And Uncertain Outcome

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have seamlessly integrated into our food supply.  

The Subtle Influence Of Big Pharma On Food Policie

The often-overlooked ties between the food industry and pharmaceutical giants shape not only health policies but also dietary guidelines and nutritional recommendations.  

Exploitation Of Inexpensive Labor

Behind every product on the shelf lies a labyrinth of intricate supply chains.  

Environmental Toll Of Mass Food Production

The environmental toll exacted by mass food production is monumental.  

The Covert Power Of Lobbying

The influence of the food industry extends beyond supermarket shelves into the corridors of government.  

Silencing Whistle-Blowers And Critics

One of the most insidious secrets lies in the industry’s attempts to silence whistle-blowers and critics who unveil its wrongdoings.