10 Beautiful Animals You Need to See: Beauty Beyond Word

Scarlet Kingsnake

The scarlet kingsnake is probably the most spectacularly colored snake in the world. It is native to the United States.  

Panther chameleon

The panther chameleon is native to the jungles of Madagascar. The male species are much more colorful than the females.  

Dart frog

The poison dart frog is the name of a group of species native to Central and South America. They usually have brightly colored bodies.  


The nudibranchs are jelly-bodied, shell-less sea slugs that live at the bottom of the world’s oceans. The species varies greatly in shape, form, and color.  

Mandarin fish

The Mandarin fish is native to the Pacific Ocean between the shores of Japan and Australia.  

Mandarin duck

They are native to China and Japan, but thanks to their spectacular display, they are now common across the world’s parks and natural reserves.      

Blue dragon

A slug is not normally something we consider beautiful as a stereotype. However, the blue dragon, or blue glaucus, is a notable exception. Beauty, in its case, is a safety camouflage. 


The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest of all cat species. It is notorious for its dark stripes on orange fur with a white underbelly. 

Friesian horse

While all the animals mentioned here are beautiful, the Freisian horse’s beauty is complemented by grace. 


The name of the species is actually peafowl, and only the male ones are called peacocks. As you may guess, the females are referred to as peahens.