10 Things People Misunderstand About Popular Food

Sushi Means Raw Fish

Misunderstanding: Sushi is one of the most popular foods coming from Japan. The misconception is that sushi is made only using raw fish.  

Fortune Cookies are Chinese

Misunderstanding: Watching US movies or visiting American-Chinese restaurants, we are sure to conclude that fortune cookies are Chinese.  

Organic means more nutrition

Misunderstanding: In recent history, the term “organic” has come to mean “healthy.” Probably this is the root of the misconception that organic foods are more nutritious.

All Italian Pasta is Spaghetti

Misunderstanding: Considering spaghetti as the only Italian pasta is laughable. Certainly, spaghetti is probably one of the more popular foods coming from Italy.  

French Fries Originated in France

Misunderstanding: French fries are undoubtedly one of the most popular foods across the globe. The name normally leads people to believe that they originate from France. 

Fruit juice is always healthy

Misunderstanding: First, we must understand that the majority of fruit juices contain a lot of chemical ingredients and just traces of fruit. 

Curry is spicy, and it is a herb

Misunderstanding: There are two misconceptions associated with the otherwise popular food. While an herb named “curry” does exist, it is not associated with the popular “curry taste.” 

The tomato is a vegetable

Misunderstanding: Actually, the tomato is a fruit. At least this is what the botanist will have us believe. 

Vegetarian food is bland and tastele

Misunderstanding: This is normally a misconception among meat-eaters. Anyone familiar with veggie cosine will argue otherwise. 

All Japanese green tea is the same

Misunderstanding: Of course, this misconception spreads to all parts of the world, other than Japan itself. Green tea is produced from the same plants from which black tea is made.