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Top 10 Ways to Stay Updated with Latest Fashion Trends

No one could overestimate the importance of good dressing. The good dressing makes you feel more comfortable. It is also a confidence booster. The saying, “Dress for Success,” is not misplaced. Excellent fashion ethics would help you become more successful in your personal and professional life. The sorry part is most people do not feel that way. Many feel that to be able to keep in tune with the latest fashion trends they have to work in the fashion industry. You do not have to. I have prepared a list of 10 ways you should keep in tune with the latest and future fashion trends.

10. Fashion Magazines

Fashion Magazines

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There are free and accessible high quality top fashion magazines. To get the most updated fashion trends 2016 has so far produced, read fashion magazines like Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily and Harper’s Bazaar. Magazines like these were tailor-made not just for fashion industry participants but also for fashion enthusiasts like yourself, anxious to get an insight into the going-ins of the industry.

9. Fashion Bloggers

Fashion Bloggers

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Many fashion bloggers are active participants and sometimes even trendsetters in the fashion industry. By reading these blogs you can get updated fashion trends 2016 has generated including insight into future fashion trends that are budding to emerge. This way you stay in tune with the latest fashion trends in your blogging.

8. Social Media

Social Media

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I need not emphasize this. Nothing beats social media as a tool for getting information on the latest fashion trends. Fashion bloggers, designers and models share the updated fashion trends 2016 has so far produced. This should give you a clear insight on what to buy this season to keep in line with the future fashion trends likely to take a foothold next year.

7. Watch runways

Watch runways

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Fashion weeks were actually meant for you. So you are doing the fashion brands and designers disfavor by not watching the runways to get an update on the latest and future fashion trends. To see recent video footage of the runways visit and For an even deeper understanding of how styles have transformed over the years many sites including YouTube channels should give you an insight.

6. Window shopping

Window shopping

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You don’t have to take your credit card out all the time you want to visit your nearby retailer. Go window shopping and have a glance at the updated fashion trends 2016 has. Use this to understand what might suit you and what might not. You can then take your card along next time.

5. Change shopping habits

Change shopping habits

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Most people simply wait till the deal season like Christmas, Easter and Black Friday to go shopping for clothes. This is so wrong. Instead of doing bulk shopping, why not go shopping once in a while and buy few clothes at a time. This helps because for example updated fashion trends 2016 could not just pass you by and you find yourself dressing like its 2013 for no just reason. So go shopping more and buy less.

4. Online shopping

Online shopping

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Online shopping is a great way to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the Internet grants you access to the best online shopping websites that offer discounted prices. Online shopping also takes less of your time than hunting retail stores would. Do not forget to subscribe to their emails so you do not have to spend time visiting their websites all the time to know what’s going on. Your inbox should be all you need.

3. Downsize your wardrobe

Downsize your wardrobe

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Yes you read this right. Reducing your wardrobe should let you think less about quantity and more about quality. Downsize your wardrobe today and you will be more inclined to get updated fashion trends 2016 has generated as well as the future fashion trends to prepare well in advance. So get rid of those old fashion styles and clothes you know you wouldn’t wear.

2. Make use of accessories

Make use of accessories

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Accessories help you stay trending and keep your fashion within a set budget. With base accessories you do not have to have a wardrobe full of clothing to look on fleek. You also need to top up your outfit with a dose of attitude to bring out the confidence in you.

1. Save


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Keeping updated with the latest and future fashion trends costs money. Trendy items tend to be pretty expensive. So save up for a few of the latest fashion trends while sporting casual items like tees and jeans on an everyday basis.

These are the best ways you can keep up with the latest fashion trends. I do hope you enjoyed it. Any additional ideas would be helpful to the rest of the reading community. So please comment, like and share.

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