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Top 10 Ways to Dress for an Interview

As much as dressing amounts to less than 10% of the overall score in an interview, it is, without doubt, one of the most important areas for any job consideration. Failure to know how to dress for an interview could spell doom for your expected job. Unless the company states the mode of dressing for interviews, appropriate and official dressing never misleads. Take a look at ten of the best tips to dress for an interview.

10. Wear neat and pressed clothes

Wear neat and pressed clothes

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There’s no way around this; your clothes should always be neat, clean and pressed. If you don’t own a dry cleaner, it might be time to make an appointment with the commercial one down the street. Great thing is, it will cost you a few dollars and probably secure a job for you. To avoid disaster while dressing for interviews, always do this and garner all the outfit marks during an interview.

9. Do not wear cologne

Do not wear cologne

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However much you enjoy smelling nice and fresh via your best perfume, it would be best to avoid it when dressing for interviews. Research has shown that strong scents can piss off some people or worse, cause an allergic reaction in some. Surely you do not want your session to be cut off or rushed because one of the interviewers cannot stand the strong scent of your cologne.

8. Be conservative with jewelry

Be conservative with jewelry

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One of the great tips to dress for interview is to keep it simple with jewelry. Put them on but ensure they are not too distracting. It might be prudent to avoid danglers, too many rings on the fingers or lots of bling on the neck and chest. You can perhaps wear a pair of studs, a thin bracelet, an elegant yet small necklace and a ring on one of your fingers. This speaks volumes in your style yet also says you know what you are doing.

7. The height of the outfit matters

The height of the outfit matters

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Ladies especially suffer from this common mistake of wearing clothes of the wrong size. They wear too short a skirt or too cut a blouse. This can send an awfully wrong message to the interviewer. The rule of thumb in how to dress for an interview is; anything above the knee is too short and any blouse revealing the breasts is too low cut. Avoid extremely long skirts as well because they are just not trendy and elegant.

6. Always dress officially

Always dress officially

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Again, unless the company says otherwise, your dress code should be nothing short of official. This is among the greatest tips to dress for interview bound to save you a lot of trouble. You cannot afford to dress down during interviews; you must always bring out your official A-game.

5. Pay attention to the shoes

Pay attention to the shoes

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You might not realize it but interviewers find time to stare down at the type of shoe you are putting on. Ladies, you want to avoid overly long heels or worn out pairs that belong to the bin. Guys, keep your shoes neat and glossy also because you are not safe from this either. Wearing a nice clean pair of shoes is definitely one of the great tips to dress for interview.

4. Brush your teeth over and over

Brush your teeth over and over

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Well, maybe not over and over buy you get the point. Nobody enjoys having a conversation with someone whose breath stinks like the sewer. This great strategy on how to dress for an interview works better if you don’t eat anything before the interview. If you must take something before the interview, take it before running your brush through your teeth.

3. Keep your nails tidy

Keep your nails tidy

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Realize we are not insisting your nails should be short because this is not one of the tips to dress for interview. What works however is keeping them neat and clean. You can have long nails that look more presentable than short ones. If you must paint them or wear artificial ones, ensure the color is neutral. Research shows that when dressing for interviews, nails play a big role because the hand flies during the interview.

2. Less is more when it comes to making up

Less is more when it comes to making up

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We know quite a number of ladies who cannot emerge from their houses without heavy make-up. This is fine on a normal day but when it comes to how to dress for an interview, it is wise to tone it down. The idea here is to keep the focus away from your overall look while staying neat and presentable in your clothing. If you must wear make-up, go as natural as possible; it always works.

1. Tight clothing is a no-no

Tight clothing is a no-no

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Of all tips for dressing for interviews, avoiding tight clothing is honestly the best of them all. Steer clear brother, steer clear sister; you’ll be thankful you did. If your mind thinks it’s too tight, then it’s too tight. Get rid of it and get a loosely fitting one because interviewers have been complaining about tight clothing since time immemorial. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This brings us to the end of our article. Which of these tips on how to dress for an interview have helped you before when attending an interview? Catch us up on the comments section below. Otherwise, thank you lots for your time here, we humbly request you read through the rest of the articles on this website when you get some time.

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