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Top 10 Ways People Invest Money

Gordon Gecko of Wall Street is one of Michael Douglas´ most popular roles. And Gordon Gecko´s most popular quote is “the greed is good”. Well, at least it is normal. We all want to earn more money, all the time. And to do so, you need to invest something – your time, work or other money. There are different ways to invest money which can earn you a lot. Here is the list of someinteresting and smart ways to invest money. But be aware, the same as properly made of the investment can lead to huge profit, wrong investment can lead to a huge loss.

10. Paying off your debt

Paying off your debt

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It may sound strange but paying off your debt is one of the most common ways of money investing. By paying your debt off, you are lowering your financial risks, you are increasing the level of your economic freedom. Are you looking for best investment options? If you do have some debt, try to use your money for paying it off, you can bet that you are doing the right thing.

9. Company Stocks

Company Stocks

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Investing in company stocks is another very common thing among many other possibilities. With all shares bought, you are buying a portion of a company ownership. With shares price going up, you can earn money but if the company is going through bad times, you can lose money. As with any other investment, the ghost of failure is always upon you and you must count with this possibility.

8. Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

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Foreign Currency Exchange (FOREX) market is the largest market in the world. You can join it even with a few dollars starting investment. FOREX offers you a chance for extremely high revaluation. But be aware, the other side of this coin is dark and ugly – the risk of loss is extremely high, much higher than in the case of company stocks market. FOREX is not a place for beginners or those with weak nerves.

7. Bonds


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For those, who like to play the more secure game, investing in corporate or government bonds is among smart ways to invest money. With lower interests, bonds are considered to be a quite safe investment.

6. Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Life insurance can turn to be the most important investment of your life. Among smart ways to invest money, life insurance offers low level of risk and can really save your day or your family in case of some unexpected situation like severe injury, illness of even death which will stop or significantly lower the stream of income.

5. Investing in Art

Investing in Art

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Art is a symbol which is above luxury cars or prestige addresses. The market with art has several advantages. The main one is in the high probability of the increasing price of your investment. You should never experience fluctuations at a price you now from FOREX of commodity markets. This market is more stable and the investments are meant to be long-term. On the other hand, it is a very demanding market and you need a great portion of knowledge. For certain situations, this one of the best investment options out there.

4. Precious Metals

Precious Metals

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Gold, silver, platinum but also a rhodium or palladium are precious metals which can be used as a safe investment which can provide your money a safe heaven during the turbulent times of crises. There are different ways to invest money, but investment in precious metals should take definitely some part of your grand strategy.

3. Properties


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The real estate investment must be mentioned among the best investment options. It can bring you a lot of money as well as it can ruin you. Will you be able to pick-up the proper place for buying a real estate? The location is the key to success.

2. Raw Materials

Raw Materials

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In a broader sense, also precious metals (see No. 4 on our list) belong to this category. For the purpose of this list, we will consider all commodities other than precious metal to belong to this group. It means that we are talking about oil, natural gas, orange juice, cotton or diamonds. Taking care of commodities bring the same possibilities and risks as the other types of investments in your portfolio.

1. Business


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The best of all smart ways to invest money is to invest those in your own business. By creating working business you are creating something which helps not only you and your financial situation but is beneficial for your broader community and a society as a whole.

Was this list inspirational to you? Will you take your millions from a pillow and go to buy your own Picasso? However, we should mention another form of an investment – traveling. Experience will be your reward for such an investment. Try to be inspired for example by our Top 10 Strangest Tourist Destinations in the World list.

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