Top 10 Reasons People Prefer To Go For Freelancing Jobs

Every decision has its pros and cons but we pick a side if its pros outweighs its cons. The current wave of full time employees quitting their appointments to take up freelancing jobs suggests that the latter has more advantage than the former.

We know some of the benefits of hiring full time employees. In this article we would like to explore some of the advantages of freelancing jobs and why they are influencing people’s decisions.

10. Imposition Of Tasks

Imposition Of Tasks

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When you place freelancing jobs vs full time jobs, people will quickly pick the former because it allows them to do only the jobs they want. If you are working in a company, you have to do the bidding of your boss whether it excites you or not – or you risk losing your job. On the other hand, if you take up a career as freelancing professional in any field, you can decide on the task to take up and the ones to reject – without the fear of losing your job.

9. A Higher Degree Of Autonomy

Higher Degree Of Autonomy

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If you are working in an organization, you would likely find yourself as a member of a team. You will be given a portion of the entire task to handle. This means that you have to depend on others for the entire task to be concluded. As a freelancer, you have a larger degree of autonomy and control over the work. Your client will certainly give you some instructions to follow. Beyond that, you are allowed to choose whatever means possible to get the work done.

8. Your Earning Is Limited To Your Ability

Earning Is Limited To Your Ability

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Every organization has a salary structure. As you grow on the job and get promoted, so will your salary grow. If you will get a bonus or promotion, it sometimes depends on the result from your performance review. With a career as freelancing professional, your earnings will depend on your skills and your power of negotiation. The more skills you have, the larger the jobs you can take up. You wouldn’t have to wait until you have your first gray hair to get a promotion or pay raise.

7. Minimal Rules To Follow

Minimal Rules To Follow

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Organizations usually have a long list of rules which every employee is expected to follow. For example, you have to be in your workplace within a certain time and leave at a certain time. You are expected to dress in a certain way or speak in a certain way. The list goes on. One of the advantages of freelancing jobs is that the rules are minimal – only relating to the set of instructions given for the specific task.

6. Layoff Has A Minimal Effect On A Freelancer

Effect On A Freelancer

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Salaried employees usually have all their eggs in one basket. If for any reason the appointment of a full-time employee is terminated, the consequence is usually catastrophic as they struggle to get another job. Those that build a career as freelancing professionals usually have more than one client. If a client terminates their appointment, they can easily rely on other employees until they find a replacement.

5. Freelancing Jobs Help To Expand Your Network

Freelancing Helps To Expand Your Network

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When you are working in an organization, you work with the same set of people – mostly limited to your immediate environment. Sometimes it is difficult to make new friends. Freelancing jobs allow you to meet people from all over the world. If you work on long term basis, you can become friends and get recommendations from them if need be.

4. You Struggle With Yourself Not With Others

Struggle With Yourself Not With Others

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Organizational politics easily turn toxic – especially in large ones. Power struggles and personality clashes tend to come in the way of smooth running of the organization. As a freelancer you are distanced from office politics since you would mostly be working remotely.

3. It Is Easier To Terminate Unfavorable Partnerships

Terminate Unfavorable Partnerships

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The moment you sign a contract for a company, you are to abide by it for the duration of the contract – even when the relationship becomes sour. You have to follow some rules or risk legal action. Freelancing professionals can easily terminate their appointment once it becomes unfavorable.

2. You Are In Charge Of Your Welfare

Charge Of Your Welfare

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Full time jobs often offer health insurance, pensions, and paid vacation to their employees. Many times, these are just the excuses to the unreasonable deductions they get. Freelancers keep all their earnings, plan their insurances and decide when they get their vacations and how many vacations they want in a year.

1. Freelancing Jobs Offer Flexibility


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All the advantages of freelancing jobs over paid employment can be summed up in one word, “Flexibility”.  Freelancing allows you to work when you want, where you want, and how you want. This is one privilege full-time jobs take away from you.


These are some of the benefits that make people prefer freelancing jobs to full-time employment. However, you have to realize that working as a freelancer has its own challenges. So, do a lot of self-analysis and understand which of them works better for you.

Are you thinking of quitting your full-time job for a career as freelancing professional? Tell us your motivation in the comment box.

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