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People from all corners of the world must have heard about the colorful, exciting, and fun world of real Pokemon stories. No matter if you are familiar with the interesting Pokémon media franchise or not, the chances are great that you have already heard about the name “Pokémon.” Pokémon primarily started as a video game for the Nintendo Game Boy platform in 1995. It was known as Pokémon Red at that time. 

Pokémon was originally released as a video game before it even became a mobile app. It has set a worldwide craze for its interesting gameplay, making it the second-best successful video game next to the infamous Super Mario. Over time, there have been a lot of interesting real Pokemon stories and Pokémon versions that came out in the market.

Nowadays the Pokémon characters are considered as the best game characters on both online and story books of this generation. Moreover, they are also the most saleable characters in Pokemon stores. Due to this game’s undeniable popularity, there are different real and unbelievable stories that surfaced about these characters which are mentioned below.

10. Pokemon is not a Japanese name

Pokemon is not a Japanese name

Image Credit: pinterest

Did you know that Pokémon is not a Japanese name at all? The truth is it is simply a combination of two words. The prefix “Poke” came from the word “pocket” while the suffix “mon” means monster. It makes sense though, as Pokémon characters are little monsters that can be now played online through your smartphone. There are also actual Pokémon toys that have been created, produced and made available in the market and they can be simply placed inside the pocket. It is really a great way to name intriguing game characters. Over a short period of time, different Pokemon story books have become available both online and offline.

9.  Doduo Learns How to Float 

Doduo Learns How to Float

Image Credit: pokemondb

It was previously thought that Doduo knows how to fly, but the truth is that it cannot fly. In fact, this Pokémon character can actually run extremely fast. This running motion creates an elevation effect, thus making it look like flying when in fact it is just floating above the space and running in place.

8. It is Okay to See a Pokémon Pet is Exploding

It is Okay to See a Pokémon Pet is Exploding

Image Credit: Vignette2 Wikia Nocookie

Probably, one of the most unsettling truths about Pokémon is the fact that it is okay to see a pet is getting exploded. Pokémon characters are supposed to be pets. Thus, it is indeed quite alarming to think that it is just fine to explode a pet.

7. Pokémon compels children to fight

Pokémon compels children to fight

Image Credit: kotaku

From its beginning, Pokémon has always featured very young novice trainers. Nothing is more cumbersome than seeing an adult battling up with a kid’s pet on the road. Hence, children are forced to fight. What makes it more disturbing is that adults are taking the money after beating out the kid’s pet. 

Just the thought of encouraging kids to fight is something that every parent should be worried about and this factor has also been mentioned in many Pokemon story books. Now, that is quite unsettling real Pokemon stories for parents, isn’t it?

6. The Daunting Truth about the Skull on Cubone’s Head

The Daunting Truth about the Skull on Cubone’s Head

Image Credit: supersmashbros

If you have read some Pokemon story books upon collecting from the Pokemon stores, you must know the character of Cubone.

One of the creepy real Pokemon stories you will ever find is that the skull on Cubone’s head is not from an animal, but from its mother. It is already an unsettling feeling to see that one is wearing an animal skull. But what if you find out that it is of its mother? This sends a nerve-wracking message that all parents should be aware of.

5. Banette is seeking for Revenge

Banette is seeking for Revenge

Image Credit: deviantart

Another real and unbelievable story about Pokémon is that the character of Banette holds a deep and pure hatred soul inside. This is one of the most disturbing real Pokemon stories you have probably heard of so far. When you are a parent and you realize this truth, you probably won’t feel good.

Banette is a ghost marionette-type doll in Pokémon. This doll is something that children will throw away in real life. But in Pokemon story books, they are one of the most interesting characters featured. They wander around the areas in search of the ones who disregarded them in order to haunt them.

4. Kabutops Slashing and Slurping

Image Credit: wallpapercave

One of the most disturbing characters in the Pokemon story books is Kabutops. It is simply one of the most nerve-wracking real Pokemon stories that seem to come out straight from your nightmares. The Kabutops goes on slashing and cutting their preys with their sharp claws.

3. The Creepy Character of Xatu 

The Creepy Character of Xatu

Image Credit: geekbeerz

If there is anything in real Pokemon stories that is truly creepy, haunting and can raise your hair, it is Xatu. This popular character in the Pokemon story books from the Pokemon stores remains still and quiet because it can see both the past and the future concurrently. Just imagine the Xatu’s character which can see horrible things, such as your death. Yet, it can’t do anything but just watch and wait for it to happen. That is absolutely creepy, isn’t it?

2.  The Sad and Disturbing Truth about Yamask

The Sad and Disturbing Truth about Yamask

Image Credit: thegamer

The story behind Yamask is as sad as it may seem. But don’t get deceived by it because anyone who will wear the mask will get possessed by it. It is actually a dead human. This is really disturbing and one of the creepiest characters from the Pokemon story books which are available in the Pokemon stores.

Yamask is a combination of two words. The prefix “Yama” came from the Japanese “portmanteau” which means darkness while the suffix “mask” stands for itself.

1. Pokémon is a food

Pokémon is a food

Image Credit: paymaya

Yes, it turns out that Pokémon can become food. If you think about it, you will understand that there are some real animals in the Pokémon world. This means that people don’t have any other sources of food except for the Pokémon.

It is indeed one of the spooky real Pokemon stories from the Pokemon story books that anyone can buy from the Pokemon stores.

These are just some of the common, unbelievable and creepiest real Pokemon stories that you might find online. So, when you get some Pokemon story books from the Pokemon stores next time,you know what to expect. Visit our website for more interesting articles.

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