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Top 10 DIY Breakfast in Office

Forget the romantic image of the family having breakfast together before each member is leaving the house to his or her workplace or school. With the fast-moving lifestyle of our time, it is more than usual that people are eating their breakfast in their office. While it can be hardly the ambition of this short article to change this trend, it can aim those who experience it every day and offer them ideas for tasty breakfast in office. In the following list, some healthy office breakfast ideas are charted. We will be glad if you will take this list as an inspiration for your own morning snack and it will make your day little bit better.

10. Chia pudding

Chia pudding

Image Credit: Health

Chia seeds were used for some time in the countries of the Central and Southern America and quite recently, it sees a victorious entrance into kitchens in Europe and North America. You can make tasty and healthy breakfast of it if you have a fridge somewhere near to your office. Just mix ¼ cups of the chia seeds with 1 cup of the coconut milk and one or two tablespoons of the honey. Let it cool down in the fridge for some time and you are done. Next morning, decorate it with some fruit and you have perfect breakfast to start your day with.

9. Greek yogurt with fruits

Greek yogurt with fruits

Image Credit: New Health Advisor

This is the classics. Your office breakfast cannot be much easier than this. Take a Greek yogurt and put the fruits into it. You can be sure that it is as healthy as it can be and it will surely give you the energy necessary for your working day. It is very close to the title of the best breakfast in office.

8. Oatmeal with apples and blueberries

Oatmeal with apples and blueberries

Image Credit: walnuts

This is a dish you can easily and quickly prepare in your workplace kitchen and impress your colleagues if you will be as the first there. You will need to boil the box of blueberries for 5-10 minutes. Then cook one grated apple, about 40 g of porridge oats and 200 ml of the rice milk. After 5 minutes, mix it with boiled blueberries and you are done with your delicious breakfast in office.

7. French toast in a mug with strawberries

French toast in a mug with strawberries

Image Credit: Mr. Food

Another easy to prepare and delicious breakfast suitable for small office kitchens. Put the strawberries into the mug, soak the gluten-free bread in one egg mixed with vanilla extract and cinnamon. Put the bread on top of the strawberries and cook it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Impressive, isn´t it? One of the most interesting healthy office breakfast ideas.

6. Quinoa morning bowl

Quinoa morning bowl

Image Credit: Daily Burn

Quinoa is the another food treasure with its origin in the South America. One of the best of all healthy office breakfast ideas is based on it. Just take quinoa, add the tablespoon of a French vanilla and mix of your favorite fruit (strawberries, kiwi, blueberries…).

5. Oat scrambled eggs

Oat scrambled eggs

Image Credit: SparkRecipes

This unlikely combination works suprisingly well on a plate. Beside the fact that it is healthy, it is also quick and office kitchen suitable recipe. You will need ½ cup of rolled oats which you will put into a bowl altogether with 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites and a little bit of milk. Put the resulting mixture to a pan and wait until the eggs are well done, then remove it from the heat. You can serve it for example with fruits or the cucumber. Unexpectedly good and rightfully among the best breakfast in office.

4. Morning couscous

Morning couscous

Image Credit: A Sweet Spoonful

The couscous is not a typical morning food but the truth is that it can be one of the best healthy office breakfast ideas. The preparation is very easy, if you have couscous done, you only need to add honey, raisins, a glass of milk and slice of butter, cinnamon and you have the breakfast done.

3. Tropical smoothie

Tropical smoothie

Image Credit: pinterest

A well-made smoothie can boost you with energy and give you everything you need. There are people who say that it is the best breakfast in office. Take mango, pineapple, spinach, leafs of mint and add greek yogurt plus coconut milk. Put everything into the food processor and it is. Your office breakfast is done!

2. Coconut crepes

Coconut crepes

Image Credit: Leite´s Culinaria

Crepes are the typical for the breakfast in office. Put 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of water, 200 ml of the coconut milk and 150 g of flour into a bowl, combine it well and put one ladle of it onto the oil coated pan. Fry it from the both sides and you have the crepe. Use chocolate cream, foam or fruit to decorate it and eat it.

1. Berry coconut smoothie

Berry coconut smoothie

Image Credit: Girl Make Food

What will happen if you will mix 2 cups of the berries, 2 bananas, ½ cup of the coconut milk, a little bit of water, honey and chia seeds and add ¾ cup of roiled oats? The best of all healthy office breakfast ideas will be created.

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