Breathtaking Locations

Top 10 Breathtaking Locations

In our previous listicles, we have featured the top 10 breathtaking locations you can visit around the world. Today, we change things a little by highlighting some too dangerous locations which are otherwise epic. Please read on but don’t do this at home- don’t say we didn’t warn you.

10. Darweze, Turkmenistan

Darweze, Turkmenistan

Image Source: LISTVERSE

This is an example of manmade most breathtaking destinations out of reach for travelers because of the danger associated with it. The story behind the destination is an interesting one. In 1971, some drilling geologists discovered natural gas in this cavern and after digging up a large rig, the ground beneath collapsed. In their effort to avoid poisonous gases from being released to the atmosphere, they decided to light a fire in the hole (50-100metres) hoping it would go out after sometime. The fire is still burning to date until the locals have named this The Door to Hell. It looks terrific but you definitely don’t want to tour this location ever.

9. Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

Kaghan Valley, Pakistan


We truly wished Kahgan Valley would be exempted from the list ofdangerousbut most breathtaking destinations but sadly, it does. The place is absolutely stunning. It is surrounded by pine trees on the right and spotless lakes to its left. Beautiful mountains surround the valley and together, a great landscape takes shape. The reason why Kaghan Valley is among the dangerous breathtaking locations is the numerous terrorist attacks on Pakistan. Once the attacks die down, anyone can tour the place.

8. Heaven Lake, North Korea

Heaven Lake, North Korea


Unlike Darweze, this location is heavenly (the name says it all). Locals do not consider this location as one of the no-go most breathtaking destinations– they speak about it with reverence since they believe supernatural powers live in it. It is a volcanic lake situated on top of Baekdu Mountains with amazing flora, celestial beauty and gorgeous peaks. Like most of the too dangerous locations, North Korea is a place you don’t want to find yourself at for obvious reasons. 

7. Somalia

Image Source: pinterest

The Republic of Somalia is rich in breathtaking locations especially its untouched and unspoiled sands. The only problem is the political instability of the nation.  Pirates who murder or kidnap people are based in Somalia with the largest terrorist group in Africa, the Al-Shabaab, being responsible for these horrible acts. Some brave men and women who have taken a trip to this African country point out the beauty of Lido Beach and other great locations.

6. Egypt


Image Source: egypttoday

The number of most breathtaking destinations in Egypt is infinite. From endless desserts to the beautiful Nile River to the ancient pyramids to the coral reefs and beautiful beaches, Egypt is among the top ten countries with a ton of natural essence. Again, political instability is at play in this wonderful country where terrorism and kidnapping are the order of the day. Egyptian laws are also quite stringent so if you insist on taking a tour here, ensure you read all of them first. Also, you might want to confine your tour around the Cairo cosmopolitan area for your own safety.

5. Sulu Archipelago, Philippines

Sulu Archipelago, Philippines

Image Source: MAELSTROM

Philippines as a country boasts of breathtaking locations such as the volcanic mountains and stunning beaches. The Sulu Archipelago attracts a lot of tourists every year but in the recent years, it has become one of the too dangerous locations to visit in Philippines. Many instances of foreign travelers being kidnapped by local gangs have been reported and what is more unfortunate is that Filipino-Americans are the most targeted group. Bombings as well as armed confrontation are also common is Sulu Archipelago.

4. Alnwick Poison Gardens, England

Alnwick Poison Gardens

Image Source: atlasobscura

This beautiful garden entirely consists of plants that can kill. The inspiration came from Padua’s Botanical Gardens (the original garden in the 1500s which had medicinal and poisonous plants). The shapes of the garden beds are what make Alnwick Poison Gardens one of the breathtaking locations in the world. Some of the varieties growing here include belladonna, mandrake, coca, cannabis and Tobacco. Do we need to spell out the reason why this is among too dangerous locations for you? We don’t think so.  

3. Asbestos Mine, Canada

Asbestos Mine, Canada

Image Source: LISTVERSE

Asbestos is an important mineral when it comes to fire resistance as well as sound absorption. It is however highly carcinogenic and causes other respiratory illnesses too. For this reason, EU banned mining and use of this mineral all over Europe which means the beautiful and stunning Thetford Mines in Canada are among the too dangerous locations for tourism. Needless to say, some tourists are stubborn and often visit the vast open pit regardless of the dangers surrounding it.

2. Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas Road, Bolivia

Image Source: LISTVERSE

Yungas Road is a beautiful feature; no doubt about it. However, some call it the Death Road because it poses extreme danger. It is a 61km stretch leading from La Paz to Coroico in the Yungas region. Estimates show that between 200 and 300 travelers are killed on the road each year. To avoid being a victim, stay away from visiting this location- you are better off staring at its pictures only.

1. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Image source: theguardian

Each time Chernobyl is mentioned, what comes to mind is the 1986 nuclear disaster, the world’s greatest. The disaster site is one of the most breathtaking destinations visited by tourists from around the world. Before entering the site though, tourists are required to sign a waiver free document stating that in case of unexpected radiation, the tour companies aren’t to be blamed. This is how serious the situation is.

At the end of the day, the danger is all around us; it is definitely prudent to avoid some zones but life is short, loosen up a little, right? That’s upon you to decide. We are grateful for your time here and would request you to kindly browse through this website for more interesting reads.

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