Belly Bursting Jokes

Top 10 Belly Bursting Jokes

Life is generally a dour or joyful affair depending on your perspective. If however, your view on life is of the former, then you definitely need some good belly laugh jokes. To do that we at sparkliest have compiled what we feel are the top 10 belly bursting jokes of all time. We have tried our best to avoid long boring narratives that will kick off your interest after a few paragraphs. Rather we have brought some of the short yet on-point best gut-busting jokes we could find.

10. Farmer in the field

Farmer in the field

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Need some good belly laugh jokes, try farmer in the field. A farmer was in the field when a passerby approached him and asked if he could wander across. His reason was quite simple to be honest. He needed to get on the 4:23 train. The farmer accepted smiling at him “sure you can walk across,” he said. “If you are lucky enough that my bull sights you, you will catch the 4:11 train.”

9. Good mother

Good mother

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Another of the best gut busting jokes is that of between a mother and son. A mother was addressing teachers who had called her for a meeting over her son. According to the parents she had been neglecting to supervise her son, and his behavior had become erratic. Desperate to prove to the authorities that she was as good a mother has any she asked her son “Huey, you do think I’m a good mother, right?” His reply, “My name is paul.”

8. Garden conversation

Garden conversation

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Garden conversation ranks 8th amongst the best belly bursting jokes of all time. However, reader discretion is advised. Broccoli, Mushroom, a walnut and a banana were having a conversation when they all finally looked in the mirror. The broccoli said, “I look like a tree.” The mushroom replied gasping “I looked an umbrella.” The walnut felt very proud of himself as he finally caught a glimpse of what he looked like in the mirror exclaiming “I look like a brain.” The banana stepped in front of the mirror, looked at himself and walked away.

7. Butt cheeks

Butt cheeks

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The best gut busting jokes need not be an entire novel. We had to include this belly bursting jokes at the risk that you may have heard them before. It was funny enough to take the risk. Here we go:

“The reason why it is a horrible idea for two butt cheeks to get married. Because they get thrown apart for every little shit.”

6. Identify yourself

Identify yourself

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We had to place the conversation between a police officer and a driver amongst the best belly laugh jokes we could find. A police officer flagged down a drunk driver who had been overspeeding.

Police officer: “Who are you?”
Driver: “I am me.”
Police officer: “Can you identify yourself?”
The driver pulls out the side mirror saying: “It’s me alright.”

5. Wife jokes

Wife jokes

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To avoid being inadvertently classified as sexist, we cut back on the wife and husband jokes. But this is certainly one of the best gut busting jokes out there so we had no choice.

“I plan my garden visits in accordance with my wife’s singing schedule. I don’t want my neighbors to think that there is any domestic violence going on.”

4. No children

No children

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As our 4th best belly bursting jokes lets turn to the Jones family who pasted this notice:

‘My wife and I have come to a conclusion that we no longer want children. So anyone who desires to have children should kindly contact us with their phone number and home address. You are guaranteed delivery within an hour. “

3. Pass out the gas

Pass out the gas

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Few belly bursting jokes get better than this real-life story of a man who desperately needed to pass out gas in a restaurant. Realizing that the restaurant had really loud music I decided to play smart. I would pass the gas out in tune with the music being played. So I did enjoy the drowned yet extremely loud sound of my fart. However, the pause around me and the glances made me wonder what went wrong. It was only then it dawned on me that the music was on my iPod.

2. Gym hater

Gym hater

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Our second best gut busting jokes is a mere one liner:
“I feel very sad that I forgot to go the gym today. It’s now 7 years in a row.”

1. 21st century

21st century

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To sign off with the best belly laugh jokes we could find, we have to take this interesting take on the 21st century.

“The 21st century is more interested with deleting history than making it.”

These are some of the best belly laugh jokes out there. Have you got any others to add? Leave them below. Help others share in the humor by sharing.

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