Animals of Different Species Helping Each other

Top 10 Animals of Different Species Helping Each other

The law of the jungle is largely based on Darwin’s theory of natural selection and survival for the fittest. It has led to a cutthroat enmity of the different species. But every now and then, even the most ferocious animals forge shocking relationships with their rival species. This relationship is often born out of necessity resulting in two animals that help each other to overcome several obstacles becoming great friends. Other times, the friendship is based on different animal species helping each other to find some friends and kill boredom. Let us have a look at the 10 examples of animals helping their interspecies friends

10. Elephant and sheep

Elephant and sheep

Image Source : mumbaimirror.indiatimes

This is a heartwarming story of two South African two animals that help each other to fight boredom. Themba is an elephant that was orphaned in the wild while it was still a tiny calf. The rangers took the calf to an animal orphanage and placed the elephant in a pen. Since they knew that elephants are very social animals, they decided to place a sheep in the pen and even though the elephants bullied the sheep in the first couple of days, they soon became great friends and they often cuddled during the day.

9. Labrador and elephant

Labrador and elephant

Image Source : boredpanda

Bubbles (the elephant) was rescued from near death from African poachers and then taken to the US. On the other hand, Bella (the Labrador) had been left at the park by one of their contractors. The two struck an amazing friendship and they are now a classical example of two animals that help each other even though from different species.

8. Tortoise and hippo

Tortoise and hippo

Image Source: pinterest

This is yet another heartwarming story of two animals that help each other. Owen (Hippo) was one of the victims of a violent tsunami that separated him from his parents. He was found by rangers and taken to an animal sanctuary in Mombasa Kenya where he was placed in the same habitat with a 100 year old tortoise known as mzee. Owen treated the tortoise the same way hippos treat their mothers and was very protective of mzee.

7. Giraffe and Ostrich

Giraffe and Ostrich

Image Source: indiatimes

What makes this story of different animals species helping each other really interesting is the fact that Giraffes rarely lie down on their bellies and yet Bea the giraffe loves lying down next to her friend Wilma the ostrich. If they were of the same species, they would easily pass for a romantic couple.

6. Bear, lion and tiger

Bear, lion and tiger

Image Source : pinterest

Nothing says “animals helping their interspecies friends” better than a trio of lion bear and tiger. Interestingly, the friendship was forged after the three were rescued by the police from a drug baron’s house. At the time of their rescue, they were all cubs but even though fully grown now, they are still very cordial and can often be spotted sleeping together.

5. Dog and owl

Dog and owl

Image Source: boredpanda

This is an interesting and an unusual story of animals helping their interspecies friends in spite of popular convention. Shrek the owl and torque the dog were placed together when they were both a few weeks old. Years later, the friendship forged between them has grown very strong and defied the fear that some had that the dog might eat the owl due if stressed or hungry.

4. Chicken and puppies

Chicken and puppies

Image Source: boredpanda

These lovely puppies were in dire need of motherly attention because their legit mother preferred being out in the den. Well, they got that from a chicken that would occasionally brood over the puppies to keep them warm. Who would have thought a chicken taking care of puppies would be one of the stories of animals helping their interspecies friends?

3. Snake and hamster

Snake and hamster

Image Source: pinterest

This is probably the most bizarre cases of different animals species helping each other. The zoo keepers dropped a hamster in the cage of this snake who is known to be a rodent eater. They had tried feeding frozen rodents to the snake but the snake was not eating. To their surprise, the snake didn’t immediately eat the hamster and even more interesting was the fact that the hamster was not perturbed by the snake. He could be seen sleeping right on top of the snake!

2. Orangutan and dog

Orangutan and dog

Image Source: boredpanda

These two animals have spurred an amazing friendship of different animals species helping each other. They are located in a US animal sanctuary meant for endangered species. Granted, the dog is not an endangered species but when the two struck the relationship, it was decided to allow them to live together.

1. Dog and deer

Dog and deer

Image Source : pinterest

There aren’t many cases of animals helping their interspecies friends involving deer and dogs but this is one of themKate the dog adopted pippin, a baby deer that needed some help getting through her early years. Once she was fully grown, pippin was released back to the woods to raise her own family. However, the bond between Kate and pippin was so strong that the she often visits Kate to date. This is one of the loveliest stories of different animals species helping each other.

So there you have it. Our top ten list of two animals that help each other.  We hope you enjoyed reading. Have another example of different animals species helping each other that we have left out in our list? Share with us in the comments section.

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