Top 10 Ways to Protect Earth from your Home

Before our individual homes, comes our general abode-planet earth. The sustenance of this abode is of utmost priority. Many human activities have, in a lot of ways, contributed to the deterioration of the health of planet earth. A lot of times we are unconscious of how much damage some of our daily activities can cause to our planet; and more importantly, the resultant effect on the sustainability of human lives. Some of our regular activities that are injurious to planet earth include:

  • Pollution: basic human activities such as burning of fuel, sweeping, and the addition of fertilizers to the soil, aerosol sprays and chemicals used release toxic substances into the environment that causes an imbalance in the planet’s environment.

  • Gas emissions: Greenhouse gases such as Carbon (IV) oxide, Methane and Chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) are emitted from gadgets and equipment such as refrigerators, automobiles. These gases cause depletion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from ultraviolet rays.

  • Excessive exploitation: Humans’ excessive exploitative nature has really cost the planet a lot. Deforestation, excessive hunting of animals as food and urbanization are anthropogenic habits that cause the exploitation of nature leading to ecosystem imbalance.

  • Wastage of resources and commodities: incessant use of light and water exhaust energy. Also the processes we indulge in to satisfy our greedy needs such as digging up the soil for coal or petroleum leaves cavities in the earth crest.

  • Technology: advancements in technology aimed at improving and making lives easier have brewed huge threats to planet earth. Pollution, radiation effects and release of non-biodegradable particles are all deposited to the environment through the use of technology.

    However, some reparations and preventions can still be made to save earth from your home. Here we compile ten Cs as top ways to save the earth from too much damage.

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10. Change Your Habits

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Eat smart. Shop smart. Buy smart. Plant smart and advocate for the safety of planet earth. All these steps are basic ways to protect the earth.

9. Cut Down on Chemicals


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One of the top ways to save the earth is to make your own stuff from natural biodegradable products. You can make your own shampoo, body lotion or cleaning supplies from organic materials.

8. Cut Down the Use of Plastics

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Instead of relying solely on consumption of bottled water, purify your own water in your contribution to save earth from your home. Also, do your shopping in bulk to reduce the number of plastic bag packages you take home is another way to protect the earth.

7. Cultivate Your Own Food

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To save earth from your home, it is important to go organic. Grow your own food and cut down on consumption of industrially processed food. This is one of the effective and top ways to save the earth.

6. Consider Recycling

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One way out of a lot of different ways to Protect Earth that is to separate your garbage. Keep biodegradable, reusable or recyclable items out of the garbage. Plastic bottles from bottled soda and water should be considered for use as containers or in building structures useful within the home as a means to protect earth from your home.

5. Control Your Temperature

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This is another top way to protect the earth. Instead of consuming so much energy on the use of air conditioning systems, plant trees around the house to provide shade and keep the environment cool. Ensure your thermostat is kept high when it is hot and lower when the weather is much cooler. Adjust your refrigerator temperature to 36-38 ˚C and your freezer to 0-5˚C and save earth from your home.

4. Control Your Diet

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You can help protect earth from your home by eating less meat or meat products. Most importantly, whether you are a vegetarian or not, cut low on eating on the food chain. Excessive exploitation of plants and animals is harmful to our planet. Thus, reducing this is one of the top ways to protect earth.

3. Conserve Gas

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If we all decide to reduce how much we burn gas, we have created one of the ways to protect earth. Simple tips:

  • You should trek or bike to work, school or wherever you choose to go, at least twice a week. This saves gas and improves the fitness of your body and health.

  • Consider joining a carpool or vanpool to your destination if walking or biking doesn’t seem like a right option.

  • Ensure your cars are in good working conditions and are not smoking.

  • Buy and use radial tires for your vehicles and ensure they are always properly inflated.

2. Conserve Water

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Conserving water is one of the ways that you can count in top ways to protect earth. It is also important to prevent wastage of water. You can help save the planet earth in your home by following these simple tips:

  • Fix a low-flow shower runner and take brief showers to manage water use.

  • Install aerators on each faucet. They help to conserve water and heat without lowering water pressure.

  • Consider planting drought-tolerant plants in your garden. This minimizes the amount of water consumed in watering plants.

1. Conserve Energy

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Conserving energy is also one of the ways that you can count in different ways to save the earth. Bulbs and electrical appliances consume a lot of energy and all these kilowatts count. In order to protect earth, it is of great importance to save energy. This can be done by taking the highlighted steps:

  • Encourage the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in your homes and buildings. Researchers have confirmed that standard bulbs use 2/3 more energy than CFLs. CFLs are also long-lasting and prevent the release of greenhouse gases.

  • Ensure you unplug all electrical appliances when they are not in use. You can also install a power switch that senses and turns off appliances when not in use.

  • Endeavor to wash your clothes without the washing machine sometimes. This is because much energy is used to heat the water while using a washing machine.

  • You may also consider sun- or air-drying your clothes on racks instead of consuming energy by using a cloth dryer.

Globally, the Green initiative is being preached in communities and education institutions. Follow these top ways to protect earth to join the train and GO GREEN!

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