Top 10 Amazing Things About Space

It is still mind-blowing when we think about how massive our galaxy is. There are still a lot more amazing things about space that we are yet to understand. Everyday new discoveries emerge. Whilst is one of the more well-known space facts Mars could have supported life, Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have also raised interesting new possibilities. Space is a fascinating place. If you think you know all there is to know about space, think again. Prepare to blown away by these top ten amazing things about space that you probably didn’t know.

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10. Asteroids Do Not Stand A Chance

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Most of our sci-fi movies have programmed our minds into believing that someday an asteroid will clash with earth leading to our destruction. However, this will hardly ever be the case. There are no asteroids surrounding Earth’s axis. It is trite space facts Mars and Jupiter is the only location within which an asteroid belt exists closest to Earth. This clearly puts the Earth away from any danger. The thousands of asteroids found between these planets are widely spaced. The chances of collision with earth are almost zero.

9. Mars On Earth

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One of the biggest mysteries of Mars is its relationship with the earth. Rocks found in Antarctica and the Sahara desert were traced for their origins. It was found that they had originated from Mars. There have been speculations to how this came about. Some say it may have fallen from Mars and some think is an asteroid collision. We think that there are still a lot many yet-to-be-discovered space facts Mars possesses.

8. The World’s Biggest Ocean Is On Ganymede, Jupiter’s Largest Moon

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Our number 8 on this list of most amazing things about space is that the largest ocean so far discovered in the entire universe may be within Jupiter’s orbit. NASA Hubble telescopes show that ocean in Jupiter’s moon Ganymede may be about 40,000 km deep. This is as deep as the depth of the Earth. Scientists estimate that the ocean may be 60 miles thick and buried under 95 miles of ice.

7. Metals Stick Together In Space

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Space is not a magnetic field. However, metals that happen to find themselves in space undergo a process called cold-welding. Metals stick together when they come near each other in space just about the same way magnets come together on Earth. The reason, however, is simple. Metals bond in a vacuum.

6. Space Weather

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We complain a lot about our weather on Earth. Heat waves and snowstorms have killed many. It is, however, amazing how temperate Earth’s weather is compared to space. The weather in space ranges in extremes. Jupiter has fast winds and Great Red spot which is an anticyclonic storm that has been going on for the past 186 years and is estimated to persist for the next 300 years. Another space fact Mars is known for is its brutal extremes with temperatures changing drastically on the same day. Venus is a lot hotter than a burning furnace. Saturn and Neptune have the windiest weather any planet has ever experienced.

5. One Year On Earth Is A Day In Venus

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One of the amazing things about space is the disparity in days. A complete day is measured by how long it takes a planet to spin round the sun. With that being said, if you spend a week on Venus, by the time you return to earth, you would have lost seven years. These amazing facts about space are quite tricky but there is actually is no rocket science. The length of time Venus takes to orbit around the sun is approximately a year on earth. The Earth orbits around the sun in 24 hours, whilst Venus takes an incredible 5,832 hours to make its orbit.

4. Aliens Are Very Tall

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One of the few amazing things about space is how micro-gravity alters the human body, straightening the human spine and making you taller. Hence, the rationale behind what is 4th on our list of most amazing facts about space. Aliens who are accustomed to living and growing in a world without gravity may actually be taller than we may expect. So if there are any aliens out there, do not expect them to be your average Joe.

3. Tears Don’t Fall In Space

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Well, you are still able to cry. However, if you cry, your tears won’t fall. They would not stream down your face like they do here on earth. If you cry, your tears will float. The tears will float like bubbles and cling to a surface it is dislodged. Tears from your eyes will form bubbles around your face. The weightless environment prevents it from falling. As a lady, you really wouldn’t have to worry about smearing your perfect make-up.

2. The Skin On Your Feet Peels Off

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One of the most amazing facts about space is that your skin on your feet softens and begins to peel off. Astronauts do not use their feet to walk as a result of space facts Mars is known for. While they are in the microgravity environment, astronauts wear the same socks for days to prevent their skin peeling. If the skin peels off, it floats. Imagine floating dead skin cells.

1. No One Has Ever Died In Space

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This ranks as number one on our list of the most fascinating and amazing things about space. It is arguably one of the least understood. Eighteen people have died on the space journey so far. However, what you probably didn’t know is not one of these eighteen people actually died in space. They all died within Earth’s atmosphere on their way to space or back. Funny as it may sound, space may just hold the key to immortality.

These are our top ten most amazing facts about space. We would love to read what you have to say. Keep in touch.

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