Top 10 Reasons People Lie About Their Age

It is a general knowledge that most people lie about their age. Though women are considered to be the greatest perpetrators of this offense, we all are. It is indeed tempting to turn time backward or forward and assume the desired age. We do, however, wonder what would prompt such desires. Indeed there are some top reasons to lie about your age, such as a desire to stay in the job market. However, what is the point of lying about your age online to secure a better date on Tinder? It only spells insecurity and you cannot be giving that vibe to your partner. Here are a few reasons people lie about their age.

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10. Vanity

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People want to live young forever, dreading birthdays for the fear of adding one more year to their age. Whilst you may feel that this is one of the top reasons to lie about your age, it serves as a subtle reminder of the hidden vainness in you.

9. Remaining in the job market


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Let us blame the rigid, increasingly competitive, business world for this. The demands of the business world and the rise of machines have constricted the employment market. The pressure of the employment market and the perceived discrimination against the elderly may be one of the top reasons to lie about your age to your employer. In an era of virtual jobs, the internet has made lying about age online easier.

8. To hide identity


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If this is one of your top reasons for lying about your age online, you may be forgiven. Many people wish to hide their identity from scammers and fraudsters to prevent cybercrime by keeping you guessing everything about them.

7. Relevance


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This is one of the top reasons people lie about their age – relevance. Doubt me? Ask any of these top ten celebrities who lied about their age. The need for acceptance is the reason many celebrities lie about their age.

6. Teenage-syndrome

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Such irony; young people lie about their age to appear older, and older people lie to convince others that they are younger. Teenagers want to grow up quickly. They are against age-bias. They want to be treated as adults. So the fake IDs come in and a few white lies on social media. Well if you’re thinking about lying about your age online, here is a secret – adults want to be you.

5. Arrogance and inferiority complex


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Some people lie about their age because they feel that a certain age makes them superior. A young girl can lie about her age to her group of friends because she will gain a level of respect if she is seen to be older. Some other people lie about their age because they think aging is ungraceful. It is something that happens to other people, not them. In cases like this, maintaining your ego happens to be one of the top reasons to lie about your age. Phrases like ‘Life begins at 40’ and ‘50 is the new 20’ were all coined to help you embrace your true age with glee.

4. Competitions and Promotion

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This particular reason has been felt worldwide. Competitions cause people to lie about their age. This happens globally despite a scapegoat being caught every now and then but it keeps on happening. A beauty pageant lists 18-23 as their age requirement; a 27-year-old girl is crowned the queen. Nothing sucks like being denied a promotion and stuck in a particular position for being above the age cadre required. If you are lying about your age online because of a competition, contest, or job, you are not the only one.

3. More time

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This is one of the silliest reasons people lie about their age. Life is beautiful. It is beautiful that sometimes they don’t want it to end. They want more time on earth. They want more of life’s luxuries. So, they lie about their age. They lie more to convince themselves than other people. People think by staying stagnant at a particular age, they can trick their mind into believing there is a lot more time ahead to live. Well, there is nothing that stops aging.

2. Old age is not attractive

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Most people think that an old age is not desirable to the opposite sex. That is not a reason to be lying about your age online. It only breeds distrust – you will most likely be discovered. Society today, makes us believe that old age is ugly. The need to feel beautiful and accepted by the opposite sex is a sad reason people lie about their age. If a person doesn’t like you because of your age, that is good riddance. This should never be on the list of the top reasons to lie about your age.

1. Online dating

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As funny as this sound, it is our number one reason why people lie about their age. Online dating forums are very common today. It is possible that you may have created a profile on a dating site at some point in your life. Well, if you didn’t find yourself lying about your age online, you are one of the very few. If you are tempted to create a different image, and you end up lying about your age online – you are not alone. The majority of the ages on online dating profiles are falsified. People insert a different age to suit the online personality they have created. Some people even carry on this lie when the relationship kicks off. People complain about online dating forum partners who lied about their age.

Embrace your true age and love every bit of it. It is a wonderful time to grow old. Enjoy life at each stage and you will have no need to ever be lying about your age.

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