Top 10 Lost Inventions That Can Change the World

Some of the best inventions in history were hardly appreciated. Slowly, they became a thing of the past. They left nothing behind except regrets and what ifs. Throughout generations, mankind has created great things. Due to failed contraptions, greed or lack of financial support, they have become lost inventions. That is not to say that we do not appreciate all the crazy inventions 2016 has so far produced. We just wish to reminisce on what the world could have been like if these lost inventions were still around. With that being said, here are the top ten lost inventions that can change the world.

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10. Starlite

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In 1980, Maurice Ward created a wonder material called Starlite. Starlite was a revolutionary insulation. Several scientists testified to its incredible abilities to withstand immense heat and impact. It was shown to be able to withstand a blast from a laser running at ten thousand centigrade. The Starlite was literally nuclear blast proof. During a live television test, the Starlite kept a raw egg unharmed and still raw after five minutes of blowtorching. Starlite would have helped create safe zones for people during wars amongst many other uses. Unfortunately, Ward died in 2011 without revealing the secrets of the Starlite to anyone.

9. Flying Saucer

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The alien saucers we watch in sci-fi movies would have been a reality today. The Nazis developed an antigravity flying saucer during World War 2. These flying saucers were spotted during the wartime in London, New York and Prague. They were known to fly at an incredible speed. This Nazis technology was suppressed making it one of the lost inventions we wish we had. Our modern engineers have done well with all the crazy inventions 2016 has witnessed such as stellar jets but these flying saucers would have been pretty awesome.

8. Silphium

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At number 8 of lost inventions that can change the world is an ancient birth control. Silphium was a plant used by ancient Romans. This fennel-like plant grew in Egypt, North Africa. It was ground and inserted into the vagina as a spermicidal contraceptive. Silphium was a health plant that was known to pose no health threat. Sadly, Silphium was well sought after in Ancient Rome and used to extinction. Though numerous birth control pills are now available, many are known to pose health risks.

7. Cars That Run on Water

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Ever wondered what it would be like if cars ran on water? That would have been possible because in 1998, Stanley Meyer invented a car capable of running on water rather than gasoline. The car was capable of traveling from New York to Los Angeles on just 22 gallons of water. This is one of the few revolutionary lost inventions that would have made a huge contribution to our planet’s environment and economy. In spite of all the crazy inventions 2016 has so far beheld, water-powered cars would have been the greatest invention of the decade. However, Meyer died in 2011 turning his invention into one of the worst failed contraptions of the century.

6. Greek Fire

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In the 7th century, the eastern Roman emperors invented fire capable of burning on water. It was used in the naval warfare. This type of fire could be shot from a water cannon-like device. Till date, scientists lack an understanding of this phenomenon and as such, a means of countering it. Anyway, this is a lost invention we are glad is lost. It would have certainly changed the world, but maybe not in the way we want.

5. Wireless Power Transmission

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Nikola Tesla was a great inventor that would have changed the world singlehandedly. Imagine if we didn’t have to carry phone chargers around or light wiring in the house. Electricity would shower down like invisible rainfall and power every electrical product in the house. That was Nikola Telsa wireless power transmission invention. In 1901, He started constructions on the Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, Long Island to fulfill the task of broadcasting electrical power to the world. Funding for his failed contraptions fell through and the project was never completed.

4. Cloudbusters

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Few lost inventions are as painful as this device capable of inducing rain at will. The possibilities would have been tremendous and infinite. Wilhelm Reich invented a pseudoscientific instrument called cloudbuster capable of successfully inducing weather change. The cloudbuster was seized. Wilhelm was arrested and thrown into prison. He was reported to have died of heart attack.

3. Sloot Digital Coding System

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None of the lost inventions on this list blows the mind of data experts till this very day. There have been trials to remake this system but it only resulted in failed contraptions. In the late 90’s, Romke Jan Bernard Sloot had announced the development of the Sloot Digital Coding System. This device could reduce a feature length movie down to a file size of just 8kb. Sloot demonstrated this to Phillips executives by playing sixteen movies at the same time from a 64kb chip. This system would have turned heavy digital works to a piece of cake. It provided greater magnitude compression than all the crazy inventions 2016 have so far produced. Sloot mysteriously died on September 11, 1999 a day before he was scheduled to hand over the source code.

2. The Ogle Carburetor

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On number two of our list of lost inventions that would change our universe is the ogle carburetor. Thomas Ogle developed this invention in the 1970’s that would allow an ordinary car to run over a hundred miles to the gallon. Our cars today would have had an enormous supply of fuel. The carburetor apparently worked by pressuring petrol into vapor and injecting it into the firing chambers with improved efficiency. Ogle died with his designs in 1981.

1. Flexible Glass

lost Inventions

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This tops the list of lost inventions that would change the world because this is something that would have helped our most beloved technology – our phones. Forget bendable batteries – one of the crazy inventions 2016 ushered in. Phone companies, despite their immense strides in mobile technology, have been unable to create unbreakable and bendable glass. The glass screen breaks when it hits the floor same as other glass materials. Well, once upon a time in history, during the reign of Emperor Tiberius Caesar, a glassmaker brought a drinking bowl to the court of the ruler. The Emperor was not impressed and threw the glass to the stone floor. Instead of shattering into pieces, the glass cup simply bent. The glassmaker picked it up and straightened out the damage. Out of fear that such flexible glass would affect the value of gold in his empire, Emperor Tiberius ensured that the glassmaker was beheaded.

These are all the failed contraptions that we all wish we had. As we mourn the loss of these inventions, we should also take the time to acknowledge these great inventors for all we never had.

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