Top 10 Failed Suicide Attempts With Good Ending

Research has established that for every successful suicide attempt, there are at least 25 failed suicide attempts. It looks like the odds are against anyone who tries to commit suicide. The silver lining, however, is that most people who attempt suicide but not die often end up with a better overview of life which makes them appreciate life even more. Let us look at the top ten inspirational fail suicide with happy end stories.

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10. Ritchie the superman

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Ritchie Don never attempted suicide but approximately 200 failed suicide attempts can be credited to him. On realizing that he lived in a house that overlooked one of Sydney’s suicide hot spots, Ritchie made it his life mission to identify potential suicide victims and try to talk them out of it. At the time of his death, he received an accolade for the hundreds of failed suicide attempts of lives even though he was not in the military. That is probably why most people fondly refer to him as Ritchie the superman.

9. John Unger and Schoep

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This is probably the most inspirational fail suicide with happy endings stories. As the story goes, Unger and his fiancée bought Schoep, a rescue dog. Some time later, the couple split and Unger was so devastated that he attempted suicide by drowning. Amazingly, his dog pulled him from the brink. As fate would have it, Schoep, later on, fell very sick with arthritis and it was Unger’s turn to repay the favor. He carried him around and even took him to the water every day when he realized that the water helped to calm the dog. One day, he asked a photographer to come with him to take pictures and when the pictures hit the internet, the story went viral and in a matter of days, Unger received anonymous donations from all over the world to help him save the dog. The money helped him get medication for the dog and even though it didn’t heal, his life was prolonged by some precious months.

8. Noah Brocklebank

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All failed suicide attempts are sad stories but even sadder are those involving minors. Noah Brocklebank, 12 years old, was too tired of being bullied that he decided to take his own life. He posted on Instagram that he would do it on his birthday. He was immediately taken to the hospital and his mother setup a Facebook page asking friends to write to Noah to encourage him not to commit suicide. By the time his birthday came, Noah had received at least 7,000 letters encouraging him to go on and yes, he forgot about the suicide, making it one of the most heartwarming attempted suicide but not die stories.

7. Parr and the lonely girl


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Parr, a window cleaner was going about his business one cold winter day when he noticed a girl climbing a tree with a rope. On realizing this was a suicide attempt, he grabbed his ladder and ran towards the girl but was almost late because before he lodged the ladder, the girl jumped. Luckily, Parr climbed the ladder and held the girl in position before she could suffocate. The girl violently tried to shake him off but Parr held on for a whole hour until help came. Parr successfully turned this would be disaster into an attempt suicide but not die story.

6. Kervin Berthia

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Kevin Berthia had just climbed over the railings on a bridge ready to jump to his death when a highway patrol officer, Kevin Briggs, intervened. For the next hour or so, officer Briggs engaged his namesake in a heart to heart and eventually managed to convince the boy against taking the leap. 8 years later, the officer was being awarded for his exceptional service and Kevin Berthia showed up, shared his story and introduced the heroic officer to his family. No doubt this was a most extraordinary failed suicide with happy end moments.

5. The kiss of life

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One day, Liu, a waitress in a Chinese restaurant was walking on a bridge when she noticed a teenager climbing the rails. She instinctively knew he was about to commit suicide so she climbed after him. Once she reached him, she stood next to him and listened to him pour out his frustrations with family and life in general. Once the boy had finished talking, Liu shared her own fail suicide with happy end experience and when she was done, she simply hugged the boy and gave him a kiss. That was enough to make the teenager change his mind much to the jubilation of the crowd at the foot of the bridge.

4. Saved by her dog

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This is probably the rarest failed suicide attempts stories. A French woman took a rifle and walked into her yard, ready to kill herself. As soon as she aimed for her heart and pulled the trigger, her German shepherd leaped into action in a split second thereby making the bullet to narrowly miss her heart. The dog then stayed by her side until her husband came home and called the paramedics who wheeled her off in an ambulance.

3. Hanns suicide attempt

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Things were not going very well for Hanns. His girlfriend had kicked him out, his career had gone to the dogs and he had failed in his quest to search for his dad. As he jumped down a bridge into the water, he got a moment of epiphany. He realized his son would face the same ordeal of not having a dad that had led him to jump off the bridge. In a split second, he decided to hang on to life and as soon as he hit the water, he swam to safety- never mind he sustained a broken neck, shattered ribs, and a burst spleen in the attempt. When the story made headlines, a PI helped Hanns track down his father within 6 weeks making it an awesome fail suicide with happy end story.

2. Kylie Kylem

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Anonymous are known for many things but rarely about an attempt suicide but not die escapade. Well, when a teenager, Kylie, tweeted about her decision to commit suicide, bullies suddenly started tweeting her encouraging her to go ahead and do it. The exchange that ensued was so grisly that Kylie had almost tipped over when anonymous intervened. They threatened exposing the user’s identity to the authorities unless if they publicly apologized to the girl and pulled down their rude remarks. It actually worked and Kylie felt great about herself again and so the suicide attempt ended well.

1. Natasha winn

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Natasha had often fought with her boyfriend and whenever he made her feel about herself, she would threaten to kill herself. One morning when the fighting got really bad, she made good her threat and tried to kill herself. Of course, she didn’t know it would fail and turn into another attempt suicide but not die stories. The silver lining is that she now appreciates life more than ever and says she would never attempt it again no matter how bad things got.

All the above fail suicide with happy ending stories have one thing in common, the victims had friends (or even anonymous strangers) who were willing to lend a helping hand. Make sure to extend a helping hand to someone today and don’t hesitate to listen to a friend that threatens to take his or her life. It could mean the difference between life and death. Oh, and remember to share this piece with your friends – it might just help to save one more life

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