Top 10 Facts About Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung made a lot of groundbreaking moves with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is made to fit in big hands and big pockets. Thanks to bipolar Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reviews there is a need to highlight some of the verified Samsung Galaxy Note 7 facts. These are the selected top ten facts about Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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10. It is the Biggest Phone Ever Made

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is stretched out wide with a 5.7-inch curved display. The note 7 is a combination of glass and metal with rounded corners and symmetrical sides, making the phone a beautiful gadget. This phone is perfect for people who enjoy big screens and are aesthete; it is the perfect mix of enormous and classy.

9. It Still Feels Like A Normal Phone

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be the biggest phone ever made but they are not awkward to hold. Samsung galaxy reviews show that Note 7’s design is noticeably functional, making the Note 7 feel like a normal phone. Samsung has been changing the dynamics by building phones with big screens that do not feel like a big phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review notes that the phone’s dimensions make it easier to slip into a pocket, easier to handle and generally nicer to use than any other phone with a big screen.

8. Phone Colors Vary By Region

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 facts reveal the colors of the phones are assigned to different regions. There are four colors – Titanium Silver, Black Onyx, Coral Blue and Gold Platinum. Different regions in the world receive only selected colors. For example, initially, the UK got only Black Onyx and Coral Blue. Knowing this phone’s facts will help one recognized where the phone is originally from.

7. The Reversible USB Type-C

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made an important switch at the bottom of this recent model. In place of the non-reversible micro USB port, the Samsung note 7 uses the reversible USB Type-C connection. Plugging the phone is therefore made easier.

6. Iris Scanner

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A newly added feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is an Iris Scanner. This is Samsung’s latest invention. This Iris recognition technology can be used to authenticate secure purchases. Understanding the facts of this phone and using it to the best advantage would ensure maximum security. The iris scanner is used to unlock the phone. It works the same as the fingerprint sensor. Now, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users can use their eyes to unlock their phone. This feature has gained five-star ratings on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reviews

5. HDR Video Streaming Capabilities

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can offer its users a cinema-like experience while streaming a video. It incorporates brighter colors and a deeper black to create this feel. The curved 5.7 inch QHD Screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makes this possible. Samsung has partnered with Amazon Prime Video streaming service to bring HDR content to their prime subscribers.

4. Game Pack

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Another one of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 facts is the Game pack that features 4 Vulkan API-ready games. The game pack is packed with top game titles and various other new user benefits. The game pack is also enhanced with improved graphics quality and stable frame rates. Users are expected to notice significant performance enhancements.

3. Water and Dust Resistant

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first Note phone ever made that is both waterproof and dustproof. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reviews gather good feedbacks on the phone’s effective resistance to water and dust. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has anIP68 water-resistance rating. This was normally limited to the S range. However, Samsung went all out in the making of the Note 7.

2. Prone to Overheat

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 experienced disastrous battery issues. The beautifully designed phone has a fatal flaw – its battery is prone to overheating. The reviews of this phone leave their star ratings as a testament to what was almost history. The Samsung note 7 would have been crowned the phone of the year if not the safety risks it poses. Traveling on US Flights with this phone is now illegal.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is No More Available For Sale

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On the 2nd of September 2016, Samsung issued a recall on all Galaxy Note 7. The company was forced to halt sales and recall all of its 2.5 million manufactured devices. The Galaxy Note 7 has been officially pulled from sale and production. Overheating batteries that reportedly exploded were too much of a risk to manage.

These are the top ten Samsung Galaxy Note 7 facts. These are some of the great and not-so-great features of what is certainly one of the most interesting phones of 2016.

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