Top 10 Facts in Conspiracy Books That Turned Out to Be True

Conspiracy theories are always ridiculous and too crazy to be true, but every now and then, we find facts in conspiracy books and these seemingly impossible rumors actually turn out to be true. Don’t be so quick to cross off any conspiracy theories because this list of conspiracy books that turned out to be true will make you think twice.

Here are the top ten facts in conspiracy books that turned out to be true:


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10. WWE Is Fake


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In the early 90’s, Pro-wrestling has been considered as a serious wrestling event. There were tournaments, out of the ring fights, rematches and adored wrestlers who clamored week after week seemingly beating their opponents to a pulp for the title. Rumors started to spread that it was all a game, the fights and the wins were all a well plotted out game to keep the audience entertained. Well, if you still have any doubts that this is a part of conspiracy books that turned out to be true, this may indeed convince you. On Reddit’s pro-wrestling forum, a mystery fan Dolphins925 leaked outcomes of 38 WWE matches ahead of the pay-per-view bouts, including contests applications. The organization is failing to keep their storyline confidential and it is hardly a secret anymore.

9. The Rich People In The World Want To Control Global Population


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Well, it is not just a conspiracy books 2016 thing anymore. It has been proven true. The Elite want to dramatically reduce the world’s population and clear out you and me from the surface of the earth. These were captured in quotes directly from the horse’s mouth such as David Rockefeller, who said the negative impact of population growth on our planet’s entire ecosystem is becoming appallingly evident. CNN Founder, Ted Turner said that the ideal world population would be within a range of 200-300 million. To put it in perspective, that would mean getting rid of 95% of the present world population.

8. C.I.A Drug Traffficking Business


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It sounds silly that an organization established to fight crime is found responsible for committing the crime they publicly fight against. However, this is in the list of conspiracy books that turned out to be true. During the 80’s, the CIA aided the sale of cocaine to the street gangs in Los Angeles and gathered millions from the sales to a Latin American guerilla army. Gary Webb exposed this when he detailed facts in conspiracy books written by others, in this book Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosions. He outlined how the CIA assisted in smuggling cocaine into the U.S and then distributed the drugs to the streets gangs in Los Angeles. Webb was found dead in December 2004.

7. Black Men Syphilis Experiment


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Between 1932 and 1972, poor, simple and uneducated black U.S citizens were selected for a study. They were lied to and told it was for treatment but it was all an experiment. The U.S Public Health Service promised free treatment to 400 syphilis-infected black citizens, who did not know about their illness. They were not treated. Rather, they were given aspirins and subjected to an experiment. The purpose was to observe a progressive disease in representatives of the black race. It was once disputed as untrue but President Bill Clinton’s apology to the surviving patients in 1997 puts this in the list of facts in conspiracy books that turned out to be true.

6. New World Order


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The New World Order is still a raving topic in most conspiracy books 2016 has had. The paranoia that was once surrounding the theory of the New World Order has been confirmed. While it seemed the countries in the world might be too diverse to come together, in 2013, Wikileaks released a secretly negotiated draft that changed that notion that it was impossible. The draft was for the entire Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. This showed a 50-country agreement that will promote unprecedented privatization across the world thereby hindering freedom of speech and right to privacy and due process to people. The government will solely control public services. The draft establishes facts in conspiracy books that a New World Order is in the works.

5. MK-Ultra


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The government playing with people’s brain and wiping out memories may seem like the perfect plot for a movie but it actually turns out that the CIA played with the minds of people over half a century ago. The MK-Ultra was added in the conspiracy books that turned out to true when in the 60’s, NY Times reporters, shed light on the MK-Ultra project. The project’s aim was to investigate the human ability to be controlled by the use of certain chemicals. The research has been formally and publicly condemned however it remains as one of the conspiracies in the books proven true.

4. Cancer Viruses Are Contained In Our Vaccines


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This is a conspiracy theory that seems too scandalous to be true but unfortunately, it is really true. Although, not all vaccines were found to contain cancer viruses but it has been said millions of Americans unknowingly received vaccines containing cancer viruses. The SV40 is an abbreviation for simian vacuolating virus 40 which is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer. A portion of polio vaccines was reported to be have been contaminated with SV40 which had been already administered to more than 98 million Americans.

3. Scientists And Their God-Complex


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Scientists try to play God by seeking ways to create beings may not be in conspiracy books 2016, it is actually already happening. Scientists are combining human parts into animals to try to serve as subjects for different experiments. They have combined as sheep with human livers, Pigs and Human blood and a whole lot more of the Frankenstein likeness. Some Chinese scientists have created herds of humanized – milk producing goats and some other doctors are building animals wit humanized immune system to serve as subjects for new HIV Vaccines.

2. The U.S Government Spies On You


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If you ever think the government is watching you, you are absolutely right. The conspiracy books 2016 has so far seen published, claim that the U.S government is illegally spying on its citizens. The government has the records of all phone calls, text messages and every other electronic transmission. The scope of the NSA eavesdropping is beyond what has so far been contained in most conspiracy books 2016 has received so far. In 2014, The Washington Post reported almost 90% of data collected by the NSA surveillance programs by Internet Users.

1. Satanists Are Real. Yes They Perform Human Rituals


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Whether you choose to believe in religion or not, a bunch of people who labeled themselves Satanist really do exist. Innocent people are murdered, skinned and dismembered for satanic rituals. Some of these Satanists have come forward to report themselves such as in the case of Moises Meraz-Espinoza who confessed to killing his mother. He had strangled his mother, before skinning and dismembering her body as part of a satanic ritual. So, when next you come across someone who claims to be a Satanist, you may want to be guarded because this is a conspiracy theory proven true in two recent conspiracy books 2016 produced.

Even the most ridiculous theories may always have some truth in them as seen in the Top Ten conspiracy facts that turned out to be true.

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