Top 10 Zelda Franchise Video Games

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The Zelda franchise video games have have just had a new updated addition. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has just been released for Nintendo (and some people have already managed to run it on the PC!). It’s a great game to try the new Switch console on.

We already have 18 titles and nearly 30 years of the Zelda games now. The latest is Nintendo’s biggest. It’s a good time to rank the Zelda video games and see where these classic RPG adventures stand.

10. Phantom Hourglass, 2007

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Phantom Hourglass for the DS is good, solid adventure and endless fun. As you’d expect from the Zelda games. The puzzles aren’t easy, which is good. Only the controls are a little clunky. That’s why critics have shaved off 10 points and given Phantom Hourglass a good 90 percent rating.

9. A Link Between Worlds, 2013

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A Link Between Worlds is based in the world of the Super NES title A Link to the Past, but it’s original and has its own story, dungeon and puzzles. If there’s one thing we loved about the SNES classic, it was the freedom to explore. This element is present in the 2013 title as well, and A Link Between Worlds is loads of fun.

8. Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages, 2001

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Oracle of Seasons was released for GameBoy. There were two different cartridges, and you had to play both to get the main plot. The sound wasn’t that consistent, which makes these titles lose a few points. But the graphics were colorful, gameplay was great and it’s no wonder these two sold 8 million copies.

7. Skyward Sword, 2011

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Skyward Sword did many things well. Not only does it fill us in on the origins of Hyrule and the Master Sword (even though it came almost a decade after the franchise had begun). It also gave us the joy of trying out the Wii’s cool new full motion controls. So it felt like we were really and truly controlling Link. This was one of the great immersive Zelda games of the time.

6. A Link to the Past (Bonus: Four Swords), 2002

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A Link to the Past was made for the Game Boy Advance, and the legend of Four Swords was added as a bonus. What makes this among Zelda video games stand out is that it was the first multiplayer amongthe Zelda franchise video games. Some critics have called it one of the finest video games made for the 16-bit Nintendo at the time. Don’t forget there was competition like Final Fantasy VI, so it’s saying a lot.

5. Majora’s Mask, 2000

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Majora’s Mask (for Nintendo 64) was released the same year as Twilight Princess and is rated the same by players (95). There is more time-travel here, which is fantastic as this trope always is. Plus there is a 72 hour deadline, after which the moon will come crashing down on the world. Link plays the same period over and over until he finds a way to stop the crash. This could get tedious in the hands of lesser writers, but of course, not so with Mitsuhiro Takano.

4. Twilight Princess, 2006

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Twilight Princess (for Wii) was a lot of fun to play with the Wii nunchuck controller and the motion controls at the time. The quests are super addictive. The story is gripping as usual. There are some moments that stand out the most, such as when Link changes into a wolf. The battles on horseback are also very memorable. Twilight Princess got a MetaCritic score of 95.

3. The Wind Waker, 2003

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The Wind Waker was made for the Game Cube with cell-shaded graphics and delivers the usual solid storyline, puzzles and action. Players will lob off a few points probably because the game was a little too short, and there were some tedious places like when Link was sailing. But overall, The Wind Waker has rated pretty well on Metacritic (96 is a very respectable score for all its flaws).

2. Breath of the Wild, 2017

2-breath-of-the-wild-2017Image Source: Games Heroes

We were excited to see Zelda become an open world, and Breath of the Wild has not disappointed. This franchise for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U beats Ocarina of Time as the biggest game made by Nintendo. There is a lot to do, and there are absolutely no dull moments in the game. It’s got a fantastic rating of 97 on Metacritic. The Zelda Franchise video games have not impressed so much since Ocarina of Time. Try this out if you’re looking for something new yet familiar.

1. Ocarina of Time, 1998

1-ocarina-of-time-1998Image Source: Emu Paradise

This much-loved game for the Nintendo 64 has got the highest ratings on MetaCritic (a whopping 99%), and anyone who’s a fan of the Zelda games will see why. The nostalgia of the first 3D Zelda game is there. Plus there is time travel – Link travels through time with the help of Rauru to undo the mistakes he made. The game is satisfyingly long and challenging, nothing but fun. And in 1998, this was the largest game that Nintendo ever made. It was very successful too, selling more than 7.6 million copies around the world. It’s no wonder that this one is a classic that has, so far, beaten the more visually sophisticated 2017 release.

What do you think of the rankings for these Zelda games? Do you agree with them? Do you think there’s any other title that deserves a place within the top 10? Join the conversation below, while you wake Link from his hundred year sleep and guide him to save Hyrule yet again.

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