Top 10 YesterYear’s Fashion Which Are Back Again

History ‘trends’ to repeat itself. This is especially true in the world of fashion and beauty. In this constant reincarnation of fashion trends, it is clear that the fashion of yesteryear can always be the fashion of today. We have compiled the top yesteryear’s fashion trends that have made it back to the runways and hearts of couture lovers across the world.


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10. Choker necklace


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The choker was one of the bubbling yesteryear’s fashion trends that since it’s emergence in the ‘90s – from the tattoo-styled version – has transformed since then. It’s recent climax since Drew Barrymore adorned a ribbon-style choker back in 1994 was when Rihanna wore a stacked gold choker in the summer of 2014.

9. Berry lips


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Another fashion of yesteryear that has warmed its way back into our hearts has been the berry lips. While it may not be so prominent as it was in the ‘90s, it is still appreciated by numerous celebrities and Jessica Alba is one such example.

8. Animal print


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Big prints and bold colors were the trending aspect of the ‘80s. Teri Garr would best be remembered for how graciously she looked wearing a cool leopard print coat. After loosing its favour over the last two decades, it is now back and slowly becoming an integral aspect of modern day street style. To look graceful in animal prints, ensure you wear a sleek dress and just a few accessories to avoid looking exaggerated.

7. Tousled hair


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It is always amazing when yesteryear’s fashion trends make a comeback. Back in the days we all recognized how chic Kate Moss looked in messy strands. Although the styled died down a bit in the last decade, it is making a comeback with fashion trendsetters like Alexa Chung showing us that you can still look cool and chic with a sexy bed head.

6. Power suits


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Once upon a time power suits with sharp shoulders were trendy amongst the ’80s businesswomen. Grace Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Bianca Jagger were all lovers of power suits. It is amazing that power suits have reemerged from being a fashion of yesteryear to one capable of being adorned on and off the red carpet. Georgia May Jagger, Mick Jagger’s daughter is one of those who have caught a trend that shows no signs of setting off soon.

5. Shoulder Pads


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Some of us can still recall how some of the greatest and most famous people of the past adorned shoulder pads in the ‘80s. Can someone say Princess Diana? We will not say shoulder pads are entire back to the streets? However, the fashion is steadily returning back from its sojourn as one of yesteryear’s fashion trends and making its way back to the red carpet. At the 2016 Emmy Awards, we all had to applaud Kerry Washington for reminding us of how shoulder pads can provide your look with an effortless, elegant structure.

4. Doc Martens


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Who can remember this iconic shoe of the ‘90s, a must have for every fashionista of that decade. While it is now still sported as a retro look we cannot exactly say it is one of the fashion of yesteryear, not when celebrities like Jessica Alba have made it look chic again.

3. Leather Biker Jackets


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This trend has remained timeless, carefully avoiding being classified as one of yesteryear’s fashion trends because of its versatility. Capable of being worn three seasons out of four, biker jackets have remained in vogue because of the edgy look it adds to any ensemble. Check out Cara Delevingne and the tough chic look she provides when she wears one.

2. Accent Braids

Accent braids never get out of style, they grab attention easily and never go out of style. We can all remember Accent braids worn by Rayanne Graff in the television show My So-Called Life which aired in 1995. Today they still look just as good, and celebrities like Blake Lively recognize that.

1. Iridescent makeup


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Kate Moss was a trendsetter in the ‘90s when she added a bit of sparkle to how glowing skin and indulgent pink lips. Today they are more than requisite for any holiday, and is capable of improving your look on any night out. Far from a fashion of yesteryear, this look is still appreciated by the most famous celebrities of today such as Jennifer Lopez.

These are our top 10 yesteryear’s fashion which are back again. We do hope you like and appreciate our listing. If you do show us by clicking on the like button and share with a friend or two.

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