Top 10 Worst NBA Players in History

We all may want to go on about how Anthony Bennet has been a complete disaster. From being the number 1 draft pick in 2013 he has steadily descended into total mockery. He is not alone, right onto legends like Kwame Brown, many NBA players have earned infamy for being the worst NBA players in history. We have been compiling a list of them all and here they are – the worst NBA players ever.

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10. Brian Scalabrine

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What is more baffling about Brian Scalabrine’s lackluster career is how he managed to amass a championship ring with the Boston Celtics in 2008 and $20 million in salaries for a career average of 2.0 rebounds and 3.1 points. Easily one of the more popular players on this list of worst NBA players ever, Brian won a championship ring without playing a minute of playoff. Amazing.

9. Brian Cardinal

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Brian could not – over his 12 year career – earn a double digit scoring average. His highest attempt was a 9.6 that he earned with the Golden State Warriors during the 2003-4 season. Yet he managed to command a whopping $34 million 6 year contract from the Memphis Grizzlies. As if further proof of his willingness to join the elite club of the worst NBA players in history, he repaid them by halving his scoring and game time.

8. Rafael Araujo

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Rafael joined the Toronto Raptors at the same time as Andre Iguodala did. Yet, the two players had two very contrasting careers. While Iguodala went on to becoming a league success, Araujo became one of the most reviled players players in Toronto Raptors history. He was neither the build, stamina, skill nor speed required to play in the NBA and as such deservedly earned a place in this list of worst NBA players in history.

7. Nikoloz Tskitishvili

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Nikoloz was a complete waste of money and resources. What else could you say of a player whose career average was 2.9 points per game? We cant really blame the Nuggets for drafting him in 2002. There was a huge fascination with overseas talent and Nikoloz seemed like the perfect fit for the NBA. He wasn’t. In fact the Nuggets had never actually seen Nikoloz play. If they had known he only harbored the potential to become one of the worst NBA steps ever, they certainly would have made a U-turn.

6. Mark Madsen

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The guys at Stanford have a lot of explaining to do for naming Mark “Mad Dog.” Arguably the worst NBA players ever to set foot on the court, Mad Dog averaged 2.2 points per game during his career in which he played for the LA Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. He would however be better remembered for his morbid dancing skills.

5. Chuck Hayes

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Little is known about Chuck Hayes, a previously D-League player who only got into the NBA courtesy of a 10 day contract from the Houston Rockets anxious to cover their injury problems. One of the worst players in NBA history, he became an instant problem for the NBA baffling greats like Allen Iverson with his mediocrity.

4. Chris Jent

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Chris Jent career in the NBA was far from illustrious. Not only was he only able to feature in 6 regular season games over 2 seasons, he also won an NBA title with the Houston Rockets as a senior benchwarmer 1994. Unsurprisingly, he is moving on in leaps and bounds from being the worst players in NBA history to becoming the worst NBA managers ever. Kudos Chris.

3. Michael Ruffin

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Michael Ruffin scored more fouls than he could ever dream of scoring in the NBA. It is therefore incredible that Michael’s career could possibly span 12 years with a resume that includes teams like the Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and Milwaukee Bucks. He however made a name in the shadow of other greats with a career high average of 2.6 points per season.

2. Manute Bol

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Manute certainly earned greater fame for his height than for his actual on court skills. Whilst Manute Bol’s block skills were excellent, the basic court movements seemed to be an immense burden to Bol who struggled on court. He ended up managing a career best season average of 3.9 points in 1988-89 season with Golden State Warriors. He seemed to recognize his position as one of the worst NBA player ever when he decided to suit up for hockey in a publicity stunt.

1. Sun Yue

worst NBA players

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It took the LA Lakers only ten games to realize that picking Sun Yue to make the step up to the NBA from the D-league was a very fatal mistake. Sun Yue gained greater popularity for accumulating more fouls than points ever acquired.

So these are the worst NBA players in history. Many of these players only helped to show that the NBA has serious issues with its drafting process. Please let us know what you think.

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