Top 10 Weirdest Names in the Animal Kingdom

If you thought scientists don’t have a sense of humor, just think about the weirdest animal names they give to some animals. Granted, some of the animals are weird so they also need the weirdest name. However, some names are just silly and it is hard to imagine what was going through the minds of the scientists when naming them. Let us have a look at some of the weirdest names scientists have given to some of the worlds weirdest animals.

Image credit: Lonely Planet

10. Spiny Lumpsucker

Image credits: Twitter

Who calls an animal a lump sucker? No one would deny that this is one of the weirdest names in the animal kingdom. Well, it actually looks like a lumpy sucker so it probably had it coming. This weird looking animal uses some sort of pelvic fins (which have evolved into adhesive discs) to stick onto rocks or any other surface. It even uses the fins to stick on fingers if you try holding it. Maybe this isn’t one of the weirdest animal names after all!

9. Wonderpus Photogenicus

Image credits: Photorator

Well, at least we know what was going through the head of the scientist that this animal one of the weirdest names. He/ she was clearly wowed at the photogenic nature of this rare octopus species.

8. Pink Fairy Armadillo

Image Credits: Wired

This cute little fellow just had to make the top 10 list of worlds weirdest animals. Rarely will you find an animal that has the unique combination of both weird and cute – unless you are talking about unicorns but the pink fairy armadillo is not a fictitious creature from a fantasy novel. It actually exits!

7. Satanic Leaf Gecko

Image credits: Flickr

Don’t be deceived by what you see – this is not a Halloween trophy. It is actually a real animal. Maybe one of the few on our top ten list that actually deserved the weirdest name. One look at it and you will agree it doesn’t get creepier than this. It clearly deserved getting one of the weirdest animal names in the animal kingdom

6. Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Image credits: Life in the forest

After a dose of the scary satanic beetle, we just had to throw in something good looking for a change lest you think an article on weirdest animal names means getting hit by scary and creepy. The pleasing fungus beetle is not only pleasing to the eye but there are close 1800 different types out there. The fungus part of the name comes from the fact that the beetle loves feeding on fungus (or more precisely, the fruits of the fungi).

5. Chicken Turtle

Image credits: Herpsofnc

Why would a turtle be called chicken? Well, could it because of how she looks? Do you know the beautiful dots on the belly that look like feathers? Well, take another guess because that is not even close. The chicken turtle gets her name from the fact that, believe it or not, she literally tastes like chicken! Hope we didn’t make you hungry

4. Raspberry Crazy Ant

Image Credits : Agrilife Today

Just in case you are wondering, the berry in the name doesn’t stand for sweet – or cute. The name comes from Tom Raspberry, who discovered them in 2002. But the crazy in the name really stands for crazy for this is one crazy ant due to its invasive nature. This is what qualifies it to appear on the list of weirdest animal names. This invasive ant hails from South Africa but is slowly making headway in the Texas region.

3. Red-lipped Bat Fish

Image credits:  YouTube

What would you call a fish that has some red on the lips (almost like blood?) and fins that resemble bat wings? A tartlet bat? No? How about red-lipped bat fish? Actually, it is a very descriptive name for the fish. That said, it still remains to be one of the weirdest names in the animal kingdom.

2. The Goblin Shark

Image Credit: How Stuff works

This fish might just make you reconsider your view on the existence of goblins. It is a very rare species and is actually the only surviving specie of mitsukurinidae family. Scientists believe this family is approximately 125 million years old. They almost look like fossils and that is why they are sometimes referred to as living fossils. Goblin sharks probably rarely sighted because apart from their few numbers, they are also live in very deep waters – approximately 330 feet under water. For this very reason, they actually pose no danger to humans. Phew!

1. The Panda Ant

Image Credits:  Blogs

How could we finish our largely horrendous list of the worlds weirdest animals without throwing in something good looking and sounding? The panda ant falls in the Mutillidae family, which has over 3,000 different species of warps most found in Chile. They are often referred to as ants rather than wasps because they have no wings. As you might have rightly guessed, the panda ant gets its name from the black and white pigmentation on the furry body which makes it somewhat resembles the panda. As beautiful as they look, they have quite a painful and sometimes deadly sting and that is why they are often referred to as cow killers in chile.

So there you have it. The top ten Worlds Weirdest Animals. We know some made you laugh, others shudder and others left you agape. Whichever is your case, don’t be selfish. Share it with your social media friends and see how the react to discovering some of the Worlds Weirdest Animals.

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