Top 10 Weirdest Inventions That Work

Whether you come up with a silly or funny invention, the world doesn’t really care. What makes the difference is providing a solution to an existing problem. You would be surprised to know that some of the biggest breakthrough inventions, such as the toilet flush, began as the weirdest inventions ever known to man. This article features some of the weird historical inventions that have proven to be of great help to humanity.

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10. Doggles

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Yes, dog goggles. It may sound and look dumb but doggles play an important role in protecting our lovely animals from debris, UV, wind and dust. Sometimes, dogs suffer from an ocular medical condition known as auto immune disorder as a result of exposure of eyes to severe conditions. As you may have guessed, our dogs in uniform really thrive due to this creative invention.

9. Cutting Board With a Bird Feeder

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Do not judge somebody’s actions until you wear their shoes.” This quote applies to weird historical inventions too. Bird keepers will agree that whoever came up with a cutting board with a connection to a bird feeder, did them a huge favor. You have the ability to cook while feeding the bird because the board has pores that trap the cuttings and a pipe connection to the feeder.

8. Sleeping Bag Suit

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Here comes the number eight bizarre invention: the sleeping bag with arms and legs. In all honesty, it is truly among the weirdest inventions, but when you look at it closely, you will find some use for it. It offers better covering hence more warmth. It is also pretty convenient to use. Next time you go camping in a place that freezes at night, be sure to carry it with you. You will be grateful you did.

7. LED Slippers


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Imagine having a pair of flip flops that feel comfortable on the foot while producing light as you walk all at once? Imagine no more. Someone already came up with this idea. It is no doubt one of the weirdest inventions ever but it works. You do not have to put on the light when nature calls; just slip them on and walk to the bathroom. This product has received enough fame and sales are being made from it so it is now among the weird historical inventions making millions for the inventors.

6. The Koosh Ball

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In an attempt to make his kids’ playtime more convenient, Scott Stillinger came up with one of the weirdest inventions ever. He tied up hundred of rubber bands in the shape of a sphere and surrounded a soft rubber core with it. He noticed that his kids caught the ball easily and had tremendous fun at the playground than before. As haters were busy placing this in the weirdest inventions list, Scott was making huge sales with his creative idea.

5. Plastic Wishbone

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It’s true that successful people see what others don’t. During one of the holidays with his family, one inventor had a light bulb moment when a bone contention game was played using turkey bone. He thought of a way he could manufacture a wish-bone using plastic and not long after that he founded the Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. Ken Ahroni is who we are talking about. Through his hard work and dedication, we have the fifth weirdest invention ever.

4. Corner Frames

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We have not seen them in local stores, but they sure exist in many parts of the world. When your house has more corners than straight walls, you have no option but to think of coming up with the weirdest inventions. This is the story of one individual who found a way to deal with interior décor of a room full of corners. He invented corner frames and to his amazement, people bought these products.

3. Billy Bob-Teeth

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Lucky are you if you are a parent and your teenage son hasn’t mounted Billy Bob teeth on top of his perfectly functioning white teeth. As we recently learned, although this phenomenon is among the weirdest historical inventions, it has a huge number of fans far and wide. Some do it for pure fun, others use them for revenge while others simply see it as a way to be classy.

2. Pet Rock

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Some weird historical inventions are not inventions at all. The pet rock rocked the whole world for a reason we are yet to find out. These products are anything but ingenious. They are simply gray pebbles purchased from a construction site, decorated and sold as pets. The brains behind this rather silly idea made a fortune from it so don’t hate; find your own way of securing a spot in the weirdest inventions list.

1. Tamagotchi

weirdest inventions

Image source: Genius stuff

Crazy doesn’t quite come close to describing this idea that wraps up our top ten list of the weirdest inventions ever discovered by man. Tamagotchi which means “egg” in Japanese is a pet toy that does literally everything a living pet does, yes even pooping. The operation of the virtual toy is simple really; give it a name, feed it, play with it, put it to bed and clean its waste. It gets even better. If you take good care of it, the LCD screen grows indicating growth of the pet. Contrary to common belief, people embraced this idea making it all the more famous.

By now you realize that weird and ingenious are relatives of each other, right? We sure do. Let us know about some of the weirdest inventions you know of and we will be glad to read about them. Meanwhile, find time to go through some of our other interesting articles to learn more about our world.

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