Top 10 Ways to Welcome Ghost

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Wondering how to get rid of the wicked ghost in your home that is making you a jumpy, nervous wreck? Rule number one: call Bill Murray. If he’s too busy hunting down ectoplasm, you’ll have to think of creative solutions yourself. Walking down the hallway armed with a flashlight just won’t work.

Or maybe what you need are Welcome Ghost ways to bring a kindly spirit into your home? Maybe you miss a loved one who’s passed? Or maybe you’re feeling friendly towards the apparition that seems overly attached to your kitchen or the nursery, and comes and goes?

Here are some ways to welcome Ghost into your home, and some ways to get rid of it, if it turns out to be a restless, unwanted type!

10. Talk to it.

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If you’re stuck with it and it doesn’t seem to want to harm you, then you may as well welcome Ghost. Ways to make your Ghost feel welcome include – this may sound strange, but it’s a good option – talking to it.

You may think it can’t hear you, but that may not be the case. Ghosts were human once. And though we’ve not got any firsthand account to suggest the opposite, it’s a good idea to assume that your ghost can hear you.

What should you say to it? Anything you’d say to a friend, if it’s a friendly ghost. And if you really have nothing to say, some people suggest chanting Om Mani Padme Om, the universal mantra of compassion. If that doesn’t convey your welcome, nothing will!

9. Speak to a wicked ghost firmly.

9-speak-to-a-wicked-ghost-firmlyIf the Ghost is mischievous or evil, living together will be tough. Here’s how to get rid of ghosts that are making life miserable for you – give it a good scolding. Tough, commanding tones seem to work for many spirits – timid or otherwise. It might work on yours. Be polite all the same. Say Please and Thank You, and you might wrap up the unpleasantness without collateral, like a pissed off ghost.

Paranormal researchers say that to get a malignant ghost to leave, you simply command it in firm tones. Ghosts don’t have power over the physical world, whereas you do.

8. Placate it.

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If you know a bit about the ghost’s personality – is it a child, for instance? – you could try to give it something it might like. A few toys in the nursery could make your ghost very happy. On the flip side, try not to give in to evil spirits that want to manipulate you. If in doubt, call a professional.

7. Smudge your home.

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If you want Ghost to leave, smudge your home. Smudging is simply a trick learned from Native Americans and other cultures. It’s a process of cleansing the haunted area by burning white sage and abalone shell. Simply light the end of the sage bundle and go around from room to room, moving the sage in a clockwise circle, saying something like, “I cleanse my home today so no negative energies can stay.” You can use the abalone shell to catch any falling ashes.

6. Gently tell them they are dead.

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Sometimes, ghosts linger because they aren’t yet aware that they are dead. You might want to explain to them that they are no longer alive. They need to be told that they don’t belong in the physical world anymore, and that it’s time for them to move towards the light.

5. Become a medium.

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This is easier said than done. But one of the most effective welcome Ghost ways would be to work on the kind of sensitivity that makes it easier to communicate with spirits. Some people are born with high sensitivity to supernatural phenomena. If you’re not one of those people – believe us, you’re better off – you could contact your nearest psychic society to find out how you can become one. Once you’ve trained yourself in the arts of ghost-whispering, so to speak, you’ll know how to get rid of ghosts if they’re evil, and ways to welcome ghost presences into your home.

4. Don’t show fear.

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If it’s a wicked ghost, the last thing you want is to feed its energies. One of the ways that ghosts grow powerful is by feeding on fear, so don’t show fear. Also avoid talking about it, especially in your home. Doing so will only feed the energies of the spirit and make it more powerful.

3. Don’t use Ouija boards or seances.

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If you’re considering how to get rid of ghosts with Ouija boards or seances, don’t. These items, as well as Tarot cards or witchcraft may actually increase the activity of spirits in your home. They may also open the door to more unwanted visitors. These are not welcome ghost ways that will be of any use to you.

2. Don’t be angry with your ghost.

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If you’re wondering how to get rid of ghosts without angering them, here is some advice for you. It doesn’t help to raise your voice at ghost, even if you do scold it. When you’re telling a malignant ghost to go away, don’t sound angry or yell. It doesn’t help, and it might actually upset the spirit or anger it. As we said somewhere else, it’s okay to scold the ghost but not in anger or with a raised voice!

1. Frighten it.

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If you’re completely out of ideas and a malignant spirit shows no sign of leaving, you could try beating it at its own game. Bring on your creativity and try to scare the hell out of it. Think up the most terrifying creature or character that has ever haunted your nightmares. Play dress up, and then arm yourself with objects that repel ghosts. Depending on where you live, the popular choice for exorcism could be salt, sprigs of rosemary, birch or willow branches, little icons of Mary or Jesus. (Note: the dress-up is to make things fun for you. It’s these objects that will do the actual repelling.)

What do you think of our suggested ways to welcome ghost presences into your home? Have you ever needed to get rid of spirits in your home? Share if you liked this article, and let us know what you think about the subject below.

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