Top 10 Ways to say “NO” to your boss

What we all have in common is to be at a workplace, sooner or later, and then continue on to eternity that way; in other words, every day till retirement hits us. Unlike most other activities in life, working on a job requires us to be religious in our endeavors, conscientious in our approaches and logical, consistent and lucrative in our decisions. In 10 ways to say no to your boss we have juggled around with predictable scenarios and given you 10 ways to say no to your boss without the trouble of having nightmares the following night, of being shown the door the next time you step into your workplace.

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With so many sensitive clauses and more, we have to actually be enjoying what we do and the only thing that could hold us back from that is being told by our Bosses to do what is not logical or plain incorrect or simply something that does not make sense at all. But do we have a choice? Mostly no. The Boss is the lord of the workplace, so to speak. Actually, it’s very true and could be more literal than you could possibly imagine. This is why we have come up with 10 tested Polite ways to say no to boss, and thus have your own way… in ways.

#10 Ditch the Pardon Me attitude

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As a number 10 to what could eventually pave Polite ways to say no to boss, we have formulated one of the most down to earth complexities portrayed by employees that actually bolster a boss’s arrogance than calm them down and make them more empathetic. Who would have known that appearing submissive or apologetic in the face of authority outside a battlefield would incite fury? Apparently in your office it does. So stop being so sorry even if you are on the wrong!

#9 Always appear immediate in your refusal

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Next in advice for shortcuts to summon up that elusive hotspot to round your lips in a definite no-no to your overlord is developing the super-ability (yes, Super) to quickly assess the situation and gauge whether you can say no (yes, before you even think if it’s impractical) and populate your virtual box of excuses swiftly, and throw out that “No!” even before you comprehend the degree of its influence. But hold on, we’re not trying to mislead you. Why not say “No!” and give your boss an alternative? Like ask for more time? You get the idea now. But be quick! After all, it’s most certainly one of our most effective Polite ways to say no to boss.

#8 Let them know they’ve been heard

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Our next how to say no to boss without being rude is a little elusive but one that can be easily mastered if you’re sly enough –sly, in a positive, constructive way! One of the many frustrating things for bosses is the fact that they believe that their seriousness or haste has not been understood. What could be worse than throwing your already mad Boss in a ring in the middle of unruly monkeys? Always get into the habit of being patient till your boss is literally DONE. Then your No would be most likely rewarded with a Yes because your boss would know that you have already weighed the odds –as long as you know how to say no to boss without being rude.

#7 Be punctual. Err presentable.

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Be one hundred percent (or close) in everything about your job in fact. What could motivate a boss to be cynical about your “No!” than mistakes made of your own? Being punctual, neat, fastidious, industrial, presentable yourself, and even observing table manners during the lunch break could up your chances of your No being kindly received than invoking a shotgun! So maybe your wife too would secretly wish you know how to say no to boss without being rude.

#6 Don’t take unnecessary risks.

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The company you work for is “By the employees, For the employees”. So it is important to remember that being part of the equation means your decisions could have very sensitive consequences for the company and its occupants. Keep this in mind the next time you’re rampant after a deal under your boss’s nose. Because if things go south henceforth, you can never say “No!” again.

#5 Wait for recess, don’t invoke it

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Let’s say you have been working for long days on end, even weeks. What if you haven’t had a break for a couple of months? Now it could sound unfair especially when your partner or lover is breathing down your neck about the weekend you had promised them out at sea. But when you keep pestering your boss for a holiday even when it appears as if you sure could for the work you’ve done like a dog, they tend to remember that only, exactly, when you feel like saying “No!” when they lash the whip. Because it must have been your how to say no to boss without being rude that amounts to your ability to buy yourself some time off. So be careful not to be too liberal or get too comfortable with asking for holidays, even when you feel you sure deserve it already.

#4 Don’t be meek but never be smart.

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It may be set in stone that a “No!” is the perfect response to that next command from your higher but that doesn’t mean that such a rebellious expression warrants your taking the freedom to point out their mistakes. They sure secretly wish you know how to say no to boss without being rude because, who needs the hassle of sifting through measures involving ego etc., that honestly are a waste of god loving time!? Make it all about you, and the Company, not them and their idiosyncrasies; Savvy?

#3 Toil when you think they’re not even looking

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It goes without saying that you can take it easy once the boss is out of the building. Or at least can take it easy till they arrive at the start of the day; not to mention when they leave in the middle for some commitment by God’s grace. Our advice? Remember “Karma”. Be conscientious and responsible and your noble acts would reach them like clockwork. This is a very ascetic one of 10 ways to say NO to your boss, don’t you think? But this will sure enable them to be positive about the next time you are downright negative about their decision.

#2 Try to be on your own

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What equals being singled out and being orphaned in the office? Yeah you know it! It means you are a conscientious industrious employee who cares not for the virtues of commune but of the importance of being stuck to just your work. This would somehow tend to enhance your employer’s feeling empathy toward your “No!” next time you cheek to say it. But don’t worry, you have other 10 ways to say NO to your boss have you not? So cheek or not you do have some backups (to work with.)

#1 Does your No have enough ammunition?

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The last of our 10 ways to say NO to your boss is, check this out now -Sure you can say “No!” now. But how well can you say it, how (figuratively) loud, and how resounding will it “sound”? All this determines how well it is received. Make notes (neatly!) about your reasons even if you strongly believe your boss would never see read in a million years. Assign an alibi or alibis to reinforce your expression. Your “No1” cannot go wrong!

And there, we have all we need for now, 10 ways to say NO to your boss –yes 10 solid, tested… uh, we took the bullet for you a few time but –aye, 10 of these babies to say no and keep you out of trouble- to be veritably successful in being able to wag the finger across the boardroom accompanied by a vociferant “No!” at your boss the next time they say something that you feel you could never achieve unless you step outside your element. Here’s another hint: there are other fellow employees of the same brood as you yearning for these pointers so they could stand up and say “No!” to their bosses (who knows, it could be your own boss!). So remember to simply click the Share button and facilitate your peers to rebel not unlike the rowdy employee you are! Thank you so much for your presence and consideration!

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