Top 10 Ways to Make your Own Solar Panel

Did you know you can evade paying your electricity bill by installing a solar panel for your home? Yes, installing one by yourself. Not buying it from the store. The wonderful thing is that solar energy is free. As long as you have enough cells to tap it, you are good to go. Here are ten ways you can make your own solar panel.

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10. Use Available Items

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One of the best ways to make your own solar panel is to use readily available and cost effective tools. The basic tools of the trade include sticks, copper mesh, multi-meter, glue gun and a specific conductive pen. Once you know how to assemble a solar system using these things, cheap electricity will no longer be a thing of the past.

9. Purchase Second Rate Solar Cells From eBay

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If you are really into alternative energy stuff, you can cut down the cost of making your own solar panel by purchasing second rate cells from eBay. To cut costs even further, arrange these cells in a certain order that ensures maximum wattage. For nearly 36 bricks crystalline solar arranged in a specific order, you can get 18 volts of power.

8. Install an Off-Grid System to Save More

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Off-grid solar systems are great life savers in regard to making your own solar panel. You are able to tap electricity for use in different areas such as chest refrigerators, sound systems, power tools and many more. Making this solar panel is simple; arrange any four basic components for it like one solar panel, a charge controller, a tiny inverter and gold cart batteries.

7. Use Inexpensive Materials

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Inexpensive materials such as plexiglass front and shallow boxes are fantastic tools you can use to make your own solar panel. Just begin by building a shallow box then proceed to cut a few masonite pegboard pieces. Plexiglas front acts as a safety measure against adverse weather conditions.

6. Broken Solar Cells Are Useful Too

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Sometimes new solar cells break into fragments during the process of making homemade solar systems. When this happens to you, take a deep breath and get back to work because it is not the end of the world. You can actually use the broken solar cells to make further solar systems. The next time you want to make another solar panel at home, you can order a mixture of new and broken cells and adopt this strategy.

5. Use Tab Wire

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Homemade solar panels can be made by cutting tab wire and connecting it to the solar cells. You can purchase the solar cells since they are less costly. To make the cells more powerful, divide the cells into 2, 6” pieces so they absorb as much solar energy as possible. More energy means more electricity which is why this is one of the top 10 ways you can make your own solar panel.

4. Pop-Cans Make Great Homemade Solar Panels

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When you need an alternative method of heating your home, all you need to do is use pop-cans to build a cheap solar panel. Collect plywood 15mm long with 3mm front thickness. A solar absorber and a tempered glass are also among the requirements. Build your own solar panel using these items and see how easy and cheap this method is.

3. How to Make High Power Solar Systems

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High power homemade solar panels can be made from rosin core soldiers or silver solders. Arrange one soldering iron of approximately 15-20 watts on a flat sturdy surface and use broken cells to tap solar energy. Pencil eraser also comes in handy during this process. Since these materials are readily available in amazing discounts, the result of your labor will impress you greatly.

2. Use CIGS Cells To Build A Tough Solar System At Home


Polycrystalline and monocrystalline are often used to make homemade solar systems. A new method of building your own solar panel is using CIGS cells available at eBay. Although these cells are only meant to give 10 watts of power, you can always arrange them in a certain manner to reduce or increase the power output.

1. A Small Solar Panel Is Less Costly

Own Solar Panel

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Not all power needs are huge; some actually require less than 15 watts to power them. In this case, a small folding panel of fifteen watts is all you need. Use Plexiglas covers to bring down the overall cost while ensuring quality. Assembling your own solar panel of this magnitude is also quite easy to do.

It is clear that building a solar panel is nothing but rocket science. Anybody who can read and use a screwdriver can make one. Use these ten ways to make your own solar panel and dance your way into the world of green energy. Thank you for reading this article. Find some time to read other articles on this site.

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