Top 10 Ways to Go Green

With all the focus on climate change and the impact of man’s activity on the health of mother earth, it is no longer so surprising why everyone is talking about going green and posting articles that give go green ideas all over the internet. The idea is that if you really care about the earth and you want to leave something healthy and wholesome for the generations to come, then you too should be interested in going green. Now since many people are not quite so familiar with the concept of going green and do not really have an idea of what it entails to go green, we have compiled some of the best go green tips highlighting 10 unique ways to go green and in doing so, do your bit in saving the planet.

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10. Conserve Energy

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Energy used in our homes is responsible for a great deal of occurrences that affects the earth. Generating more electricity, for instance, leads to more waste and emissions. To go green, you should reduce your energy consumption. Use energy- saving appliances, switch off unused bulbs and electronics, and switch-off all appliances when you turn in for the night and when leaving your homes.

9. Conserve Water

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Make a point of water conservation. Water is important in maintaining the earth and should be used on only a need-by-need basis. To go green, you should consider water re-use treatment facility, collecting rain water for use in watering plants and gardens and so on.

8. Prevent Pollution of your Immediate Surroundings

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This is one of the most advocated go green ideas. This is because pollution is one of the major causes of climate change. The best go green tips, as regards pollution prevention, revolves around our daily activities. Some of the best go green tips for pollution prevention include walking more or using bicycles for travelling to reduce car emissions when we used automobiles or trains. Repairing your car regularly to ensure that it does not give smoke and so on. One of the unique ways to go green using pollution prevention is to go chemical-free in all our activities.

7. Plant Stuff

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Plants replenish the atmosphere with clean air and remove pollution, not to mention that it makes oxygen for healthy living all round. You should plant something or some things today. Planting trees are recommended as the most acceptable of go green ideas

6. Always Recycle

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This is one that ranks high on the list of best go green tips. This is because unlike other go green ideas, recycling actually gives back directly. With recycling, you can track the progress and efforts you have made to go green. You live healthfully and help the trees to ensure sustainability.

5. Buy Smart

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Buying smart is one of the unique ways to go green today. It entails managing what to buy, buying in bulk quantities to reduce packaging materials and so on. It is important to buy smart as it is one of the best go green tips because it is one of the go green ideas that does not only help you go green, but it also saves money for you.

4. Buy Local Products

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So you live in New York and you are about to purchase a slab of cheese made in Netherland because they simply make the best cheese or something. Consider all the miles the cheese must have travelled and all that energy. Wouldn’t it be better to just buy a locally made one?

3. GO e

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This is perhaps the most interesting one when considering unique ways to go green. What is key in this particular strategy is to make sure all of your correspondence transactions etcetera are done electronically removing the need for paper work and therefore waste. Going electronic is very important as you don’t have clutter and you have far less waste.

2. Avoid Using Synthetics to Eat or Drink

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So everywhere you go for food or coffee these days, you get a Styrofoam cup or plate to take-out your food. It is important that you reduce your use of these kinds of materials as they are not biodegradable and cause a great deal of pollution problems. If you must use them, remember to recycle afterwards.

1. Manage your Waste

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Don’t throw out what you can reuse, dispose waste properly, recycle all inorganic waste etc. these are some of the key advice needed in managing waste to go green.

On a final note, it is worthy to note that going green is not a thing for some select, environment-loving people. It is a thing that we all should look into and try to achieve individually because the problem of climate change is real and we should all in our little ways try our best to do something about it. Therefore, take a closer look at the unique ways to go green presented in this article and try to adopt what you can.

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