Top 10 Ways To Create Win-Win Situation

You all must have heard or have been in a win-win situation at some point of time. For those who are not aware of this term, well simply put, it is a situation through which cooperation or compromise benefits all involved. Moreover, it can be used in different walks of life from business, games to a personal relationship. Here there is no winner and no loser as both will enjoy their equal share of success. So, here are ten ways of how to create win-win situations for success.

path to win-win situation

10. Avoid Making Assumptionspath to win-win situation

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Assumptions and expectations will only waste your energy and time resulting in disappointment and pointless confusion. Do not expect and assume but rather focus on improving everything which we have at present. Hence, Always be honest, open and clear as it will give you a free, better and happy feeling and create a path to win-win situation.

9. Do Not Take Things Personally
path to win-win situation

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Locked in ego people often take things personally. So, the best way to avoid this is by dropping the ego. Letting go means things can get better but not worst. Also, avoid reacting excessively to the criticisms be it of your partner or colleague. This will help you in keeping unnecessary distress at bay and you will become positive and calm in perceiving things. This is one of the top 10 win-win tactics.

8. Do Not Blame Others

path to win-win situation

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When you are upset, try in identifying the root cause behind it and its intensity. The best thing will be in using it as the wake-up call. Learn to keep your past behind. When you are in full anger you should realize it is the pain underneath that is causing the anger. And pain is not getting anything that you need the most. Moreover, your well-being will be disturbed if your needs are denied or not met. The acknowledgment of all the wounds that happened in the past will indeed help you to stop blaming others. Be open, discuss the past issues and seek advice in order to create a brand-new and free you. Hence, this is a good example of how to create win-win situations for success.

7. Avoid Acting Out Your Emotions And Thoughts

Often people act their emotions and thoughts first devoid of acknowledging or expressing them. They get angry, argue and hold in different stressful emotions through avoidance, denial or move from one point to another in a restless manner. Whenever people experience pain they drink or party all night and also refuse to connect with family and friends. Here the best method will be to initiate a dialogue which will help in creating a positive solution, preventing power-struggle as well as help in creating cooperation and better understanding. So, this is again one of the top 10 win-win tactics.

6. Give Up The Attitude Of I Want More
path to win-win situation

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When you give up this attitude you will surely achieve positive results compared to when you worked selfishly and rather than creating a path to win-win situation you will end up in a win-lose situation.

5. Practice Active Listening
path to win-win situation

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Always practice the habit of listening to others and there are 6 ways to develop excellent listening skills- never interrupt, maintain eye contact, paraphrase, clarify by asking questions, acknowledge them and agree as much as possible. This is another tactic of how to create win-win situations for success.

 4. Merge Expectations
path to win-win situation

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After listening to everyone’s expectations you should discover means to merge the expectations of all into one. Here some compromise is a must, this may be challenging resting on the situation yet if you succeed in figuring it out then nothing can stop you to attain the path to win-win situation.

3. Follow-up
path to win-win situation

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If you feel you have achieved the path to win-win situation ensure to follow-up with every person involved to check whether all feel like a winner. In case if someone does not feel so you have to make it right.

2. Set Clear Objectives And Goalspath to win-win situation

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Prioritize your interest and plan to create value for both the parties. Here your aim should be in attaining more compared to what you select to settle with. So, this falls under one of the top 10 win-win tactics.

1. Reach A Consensus
path to win-win situation

Before you decide to walk away because you were not treated fairly by the other party, reject the offer respectfully.  This is a very good example of how to create win-win situations for success.

These were the top 10 win-win tactics. Follow these strategies sincerely for employing a win-win situation. Do share with us if you know more, we will be glad to get your feedback.


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