Top 10 Ways to Craft Ink

We all – maybe not – dream of the amazing things we could with a bit of ink in our hands. Unless, of course you are completely devoid of any desire to explore the hidden artistic talent in you. Even if you thought you might have just lost it all, we are here to resuscitate what is left of your artistic trait by providing you with ten easy ways in to craft ink for gifts, craft ink stamps or any other item of your choosing. The choice is entirely yours.

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10. Mordant

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Dye ink is available in a bright spectrum of colours. They are also the most common inks for craft ink stamps that you could find in the market. Dye inks come in a very broad variety of pad surfaces, such as linen, sponge, and hard-felt types. Dye ink of the easy ways to craft ink for stamping as they work well with most rubber or photopolymer craft ink stamps. Dye inks are also suitable for paper crafts as they are waterbased and as such can create a watercolour effect. Mordant is a perfect source of bringing out out the colour in plant material used in making dye ink. Mordants are simply mineral salts or tannins capable of binding any plant material that requires binding with the fibers. Mordants might not be ink by itself but it is a crucial part of making most inks.

9. Avocado Pit Ink

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Avocado pit ink is a beautiful colored ink that is immensely suitable for craft ink stamps. They are capable of producing a pink or red dye that is very appealing. One of the surprisingly easy ways to make avocado pit ink is to heat up the avocado pits in water for approximately 20 minutes. Strain out the flowers and have it whisked in gum Arabic until it is dissolved. Cool the ink and pour in a small bottle adding 3 drops of thyme and stirring.

8. Black Raspberry Ink

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Black raspberry ink is a colored ink that comes with a subtle glow that is admirable. One of the easy ways to craft ink like the black raspberry is to heat up a cup of fresh raspberries in water and 1 tablespoon of alum for 15 minutes. Mash the berries whilst doing so to release the juice. Then mix the strained black raspberries with gum Arabic until it is dissolved. Cool the liquid and pour into a bottle before adding 3 drops of thyme and shaking to combine.

7. Black Tea Ink

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Black tea ink is an one of the more appealing ways to make use of our tea leaves. To make ink out of black tea leaves, boil the tea leaves in water for 15 minutes before straining out the leaves and mixing them in gum Arabic. Cool it and pour it into a small bottle adding thyme oil and shake to combine.

6. Black Walnut Ink

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Black walnut inks is not really one of the easy ways to craft ink as it takes a little more patience than the others on this list but that can be said of all good things. To make black walnut ink, boil walnut in water for 30 minutes before straining the hull and whisking in gum Arabic.

5. Coreopsis Ink

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Coreopsis tincara are flowers that we all love. There are pretty easy ways to craft ink from it too. To do so, simply boil the dried flowers in alum and water for 20 minutes before straining out the leaves and whisking in gum Arabic. Next cool the mixture and turn it into a bottle before adding thyme oil and shaking to blend.

4. Pokeberry Ink

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Pokeberries are amongst the unfriendly berries that we can make into ink. We call them unfriendly simply because they are poisonous. Well, since they won’t let us have them for snack, we might as well use them to create an appealing hot pink ink that is suitable for a creative art like craft ink stamps amongst other gifts that could pass on this season. First cook the pokeberries before straining out the leaves. Then mix with gum Arabic and with 3 drops of thyme oil, the cool pokeberry ink should be ready for use.

3. Red Ink

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This ink traces its root all the way back to the colonial times and is one of the easiest inks to craft. To make the red ink, then chop up frozen raspberries then place them on a sieve and let them defrost over a bowl. Then mix with vinegar and salt. You can use as soon as you make it.

2. Henna

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Henna can oddly be used as ink despite being primarily put to use as hair dye and decoration for indian brides, bearing the same appearance like tattoos. To make henna into ink simply buy a pack of dark henna and follow the instructions on the packet.

1. Invisible Ink

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Not only is the invisible ink one of the easy ways to craft ink, the invisible ink has the added bonus of being inexpensive to create. Even though this ink is not suitable for craft ink stamps it is an avenue for some fun. To make the invisible ink cut lemon into two halves and squeeze into a bowl. Then use a spoon to add a few drops of water and it is ready to use. You can always use a lamp or hairdryer to reveal the hidden message.

These are the top ten easy ways to craft ink. Did you like what you read? If yes, please share. You can never tell who secretly needs it.

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