Top 10 Ways to Activate Right Brain

The human brain, study shows, consists of two segments or hemispheres (the right and the left). Generally, under normal functioning state, both parts of the brain work together to achieve full human cognition. However, each side has a different set of functions and it is often the case that one side is observed to be dominant over the other. The left side of the brain is believed to be the analytical part, where communication, rational thinking and logic emanates from, while the right side of the brain is the more artistic, visionary and intuitive part. A study has shown that most people have the left side of their brains as the dominant part, but it is possible to activate right brain functions and make them work at full capacity at the same time. This article will show you 10 way by which you can use right brain exercises to activate right brain improvement. Just read along!

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10. Exercise your Power of Observation Regularly

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This is one of the most important right brain exercises. In order to improve your right brain functionality, you should often step back and observe as well as catalog things with your mind. When you walk into the restaurant, try to know who is sitting where and what the server is wearing. When you step out of the office, always check the time, check the clouds to see if it is about to rain. In summary, try to always take information about your surroundings- both your personal space and the public ones. What this does is that it helps train your mind in visualization and retention ensuring that you activate right brain functions faster.

9. Practice Word Play or Freehand Drawing

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Crude, unprofessional art helps to develop right brain functions pretty fast. Doodling, or talking in puns can help unlock the artistic side of your brain. Right brain improvement is all about being artistic (and not necessarily professionally so). So drawing skeletal people or trying to say rhyme with cheeseburger can go a long way in helping you activate right brain functions.

8. Take Up at Least One Form of Creative Art as an Interest

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There are many forms of creative art out there. We have music, books, poetry, painting, theater etc. You might want to consider engaging in any one of this. Again, you don’t have to be professional or anything you just need to be interested. You can join a poetry or book club, or learn to play the piano or guitar or join the local theatre group, jut choose one of these!

7. Meditate Regularly

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Meditation has been proven to work for exercising the right brain. Some studies put forward that listening to a meditation program or the likes can help in speeding up right brain improvement. The science behind it is that when you meditate, you become more relaxed. Relaxation helps you to activate right brain skills like imagination and creativity.

6. Allow Yourself to Daydream

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Fantasizing and daydreaming are regarded as two of the most effective right brain exercises. This is because,right brain improvement is tied with artistic functions of the mind and art is powered by strong imagination. Therefore, in order to achieve right brain improvement, you must let your mind wander often, especially in your relaxation time.

5. Pick a Creative Hobby

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Another good way to activate right brain functions is to take up a creative hobby. Creative hobbies like knitting or decorating help unlock creativity in the mind especially when added to other similar right brain exercises.

4. Take Pictures Often

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Taking selfies and pictures of places etc. are also very good ways to get your right brain to function more dominantly. The effort put into taking a good picture, when regularly engaged in work, is often sufficient to unlock the mind’s creativity.

3. Have Two-Way Conversations with Yourself

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Many people do self-evaluation and motivation, which is oftentimes a very good practice. If properly done, it can be used as a form of right brain improvement exercise. What you do is that instead of just doing a one-way self-evaluation or motivation, you can make conversations within your mind.

2. Use the Left Part of your Body More Often

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Anatomically, the right side of your brain powers the left side of your body and vice-versa! Therefore, another effective one of the right brain exercises is to simply use the left part of your body more often. You can practice writing with your left-hand or squeeze a rubber ball in your hand regularly and so on!

1. Watch Reality TV Programs

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Watching or streaming shows like the food channel or fine living helps exercise the right brain a great deal. This is because it opens you up to innovativeness as it can be applied in your everyday world. Such things are good for activating your right brain.

Remember, activating right brain skills and functions can make you a more productive person overall. It will serve in bringing out creative motivation that will help you visualize goals better and always see the bigger picture.

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