Top 10 Virtual Reality Games

If you love playing games, you might easily be spoilt for choice thanks to the thousands of virtual reality games out there. It would help if there was a list of the best virtual reality games to help you decide. And that is what this article is all about. So here are the top ten virtual reality games that you should try out this year.

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10. Elite Dangerous

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Even though this is one of the oldest virtual games, elite dangerous is still one of the most loved reality games among gaming enthusiasts, 30 years after its inception. It is a multiplayer game that has a futuristic depiction of our galaxy system. For the best experience, this game ought to be online in the multiplayer environment.

9. Job Simulator

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In case you have ever wondered what the employment industry will be like in the year 2050, well, job stimulators is one of the best virtual games to help paint a picture. Most jobs will have died off thanks to intelligent AI systems. Everything from making a pizza to walking down the park will be controlled by machines. Only time will tell whether this will ever happen in real life or it will only remain in reality games. Meanwhile, you can enjoy playing the game in a multiuser environment.

8. Surgeon Simulator

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This is one of the most famous sci-fi reality games. It is among the virtual games that will transform every novice into a surgeon – at least in the virtual world- as you cut through the intricate internal organs of aliens. It is a great game to mess around with since you wouldn’t be allowed to do such fatal mistakes on a real living thing.

7. Euro Truck Simulator

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This is one of those reality games that will make anyone that loves trucks tingle with delight. The intricately designed game allows the user to have a virtual truck driving experience. You can experience many mundane driving tasks like leaning out of the window to observe behind you or even just look around the cab to see what you have with you.

6. Minecraft

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Minecraft has been the world’s most famous block-them-up games and has just recently been added to virtual reality. If past performance is anything to by, this is poised to be one of the most played virtual games. You can play it on your gaming device or you can choose to experience a full 360 view in a theatere mode.

5. Hover Junkers

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This is one of those virtual reality games that have storylines that is hard to make sense of. Imagine an earth that has run out of water and so people are going around shooting others in their heads. But whether it makes sense or not, there is no denying this game provides an awesome multiplayer environment of fun and drama.

4. Pool Nation

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Pool is such a great movie but the only problem is that you have to leave your house and go to bar to play it – unless you don’t mind playing it virtually. Pool nation is one of HTC Vive’s best virtual reality games. You can play against total strangers or you can invite your friends and play with them. It’s a lot of fun too since you can throw chairs, bottles and tables against the wall when you lose, and without hurting anyone.

3. Alien Isolation

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If you watched the movie on alien isolation and wished there was a game version for it; well, Oculus rift made your dream come true. The player assumes the role of Ripley’s daughter and attempts to keep alive while investigating what has become of her mother. This is one of most riveting of the recent virtual reality games

2. Dying Light

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Even though it has not been said officially, dying light is largely thought to be the sequel to Dead Island. It is another riveting game of zombie survival and some pretty gruesome scenes. Even though some of the user interface controls need some improvement, the game is a thrill worth dying for.

1. Subnautica

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This is one of the best under water virtual reality games. From the onset, you might easily think it is just another ordinary game until you dive into the deep and suddenly realize that none of the fish in the water is familiar. If you are a lover of thrilling action, this is the game to try out as you will feel the adrenaline rush as you try to keep alive in the underwater world. You have to brace serious dangers including dangerous carnivorous fish, volcanoes, etc.

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