Top 10 Video Games with Most Sequels

Most video games have sequels that are often added as an improvement on the original game. Even though most sequels video games are meant to improve the game, there are still some that perform worse than the original. Whichever the case, here is the top ten list of video games with most sequels.

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10. Hallo 5 Guardians

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Originally a one man shooter game, Hallo 5 is a video game that has seen quite some impressive modifications in all of its sequels. The most recent sequel has poised the game to be a hit on Microsoft’s Xbox thanks to its advanced multiuser features coupled with some impressive maneuvering functionality.

9. Uncharted 4

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Naughty dog had a successful streak of 3 sequels in a row with their uncharted PS3 games. The PS4 sequel came with some impressive additions that will make it an awesome play for any video games enthusiasts. They have opened up the game for lots of exploration and they even allow for side guests. Like most sequels video game, uncharted 4 has added more depth with lots of new tricks

8. Metal Gear Solid

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Metal gear solid’s fourth sequel topped the barrel in all of its former versions. It is bigger and the open areas also gives gamers enough freedom to complete the intricate mission objective. Metal gear has also incorporated metal gear online 3, which is a revolutionary multiplayer mode that is bound to give other most sequels video game a run for their money.

7. Batman

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Arkham night is rumored to be the last sequel in the batman video games series. This 2015 sequel is centered around Gotham and what happened one year after Arkham city. There is a relative calm and civilians feel peaceful until all hell breaks loose when a number of batman’s foes gang up and vow to take him down. The new sequel has some interesting tools like the batmobile which batman can use to traverse the city.

6. Fable Legends

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This is another of the video games with quite a number of sequels. The most recent sequels needs at least 5 players with four of them being heroes and one a villain. The four heroes work together to complete the mission and this can be achieved either via a multiplayer environment or via the games AI. Since different players have different styles, the game will always end differently each time making it one of the most of fascinating the most sequels video games.

5. The Witcher

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The witcher is another interesting of the video games with most sequels because the latest sequel is designed to be a standalone. This means that even if you didn’t get a chance to player the previous versions of the game, you will still enjoy playing the witcher without getting confused on what is going on in the gaming environment. The protagonist is out on a lone mission of stopping an army that is out to destroy his village.

4. Persona 5

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Games enjoyed persona 4 for years and it seemed like the developers were done adding sequels- until 2015 when they added the persona 5 sequel making it one of the video games with most sequels. Like all former sequels, this game is set out in a high school environment and the goal is to achieve freedom in different ways.

3. Xenoblades Chronicles

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The Xenoblades chronicles series of games have never disappointed. The latest sequel is set out in the year 2054, with two alien races fighting somewhere near earth. Governments on earth are afraid of the repercussions and resort to evacuating earth as the only way of staying alive.

2. Mario Party 10

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Mario is one of the video games with most sequels. The developers have released over 30 sequels of Mario in just 5 years. This is probably why the game is one of the most played games in the world. The most interesting addition in the latest sequel is the addition of a fifth player who will have control of browser.

1. Mega Man Series

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With at least 160 different sequels that have been made over the years, the mega man series had to take the number one slot of the video games with most sequels. Well, to be fair, some of the sequels were actually ports so a couple of these are duplicates but the vast majority are not.

So there you have it – our full comprehensive list of the top ten most sequeled games of all time. We sure hope you enjoyed reading. If you did, share it with your friends on social media. Don’t be shy, sharing is caring!

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