Top 10 Upcoming Space Programs

A space mission refers to a journey into outer space in either a manned or in some instances, an unmanned space shuttle for purposes of space exploration. Here is a collection of upcoming space programs that have made it to our list of the top ten space programs to watch.

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10. Life In Space

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We begin the list with one of the best space programs – living in space. For decades, scientists have been exploring the possibility of living in outer space in missions that have been christened space settlement or space humanization. Possible planets that have been theorized to support human life include Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and the moon. This is one scientific breakthrough that everyone would love to witness.


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ALASA is an acronym for Airborne Launch Assist Space Access. This is just a fancy way of talking about launching a rocket from an airborne plane. This is very exciting since it will drastically reduce the cost of upcoming space programs. What makes current launches expensive is the fact that they can only be launched from certain places on earth.

8. Orion Crew

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The Orion space shuttle is another one of top ten space programs to watch out for. It is one the latest best space programs of NASA, whose chief aim was to make a vehicle that was retro feel. This space shuttle will incorporate new design with a new capsule that is meant to be bigger and have the ability to accommodate up to four crew members. It is for this very reason that some have described it as Apollo on Steroids.

7. Skylon

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A UK company has embarked on a project of creating a jet that can fly into space. This ambitious program is already in the offing and test flights will commence in 2019. It is projected that Skylon will have delivered tons of cargo into space by the year 2020. This unmanned vehicle will have the ability to switch from being a jet to being a rocket depending on the atmospheric conditions.

6. Return To The Moon

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The return to the moon is another one of the top ten space programs that will definitely make headlines. The moon was the first ever celestial body to be explored first by Russians, and then by the Americans. After years of exploration using satellites, we are now ready for the thrill of the upcoming space programs that will send man back to the moon by 2020.

5. The Giant Fishing Net

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What does a fishing net have to do with top ten space programs? Well, there are no fish in outer space. One of the challenges that scientists face is the debris that falls into earth’s atmosphere from outer space. There are approximately 10 clusters of such debris that needs to be removed every year to avoid disaster. The Japan Aero Exploration Agency has liaised with a fishing company to come up with a net that they can drag in space and remove the debris.

4. China’s Multi Module Space Station

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China’s space exploration team is currently building a massive 60-ton mutli module space station. The goal is to have this completed by the year 2020. A core space station will first be completed in 2020 thereby paving way for tons of supplies to be delivered to the space station. This is without doubt one of the best space programs of all time.

3. 3-D priting Robots

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3-D printing will, no doubt, make a significant impact on the future of most people. There are some upcoming space programs in which NASA is at advanced stages of sending 3D printers to their space station. So far, NASA has spent $500,000 in building 3-D printing robots that will eventually build massive installations in outer space.

2. Mars Astrobiology Explorer

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The Mars Astrobiology Explorer (MAX-C), is one of the best space programs aimed at establishing the livability of planet Mars. Hollywood has already caught the trend with movies like “the Martian.” The exploration will seek to establish if there is any evidence that the planet might have supported life at some point in time.

1.Conquering Venus

Upcoming Space Programs

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And number 1 on our top ten space programs is the Venus exploration. The space race of the 70s didn’t just end with the moon – the Russians actually managed to send a couple of probes to Venus and took some of the best photos that have ever been taken of the planet. Some astronauts hail this as one of the best space programs of all time and there is now a renewed call for putting Man on Venus soon. Russia is already making plans of going back to Venus on the ship they are building dubbed Venera- D.

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