Top 10 Untold Facts About Creative Writing

Creative writing is a broad umbrella for fiction and non-fiction writing. It is clearly distinct from journalism, academic and technical writing. This is because creative writing makes a greater use of the imaginative or creative powers to create characters or narrate true events in such a manner that life is given to them. Also, creative writing is an entirely fun activity and does not involve any strain of attempting to follow a prescribed format as is required in the above-mentioned alternate forms of writing. Hence, we intend to bring out the untold facts about creative writing to aid you as you delve deeper into this strange yet fascinating world.

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10. It Takes Approximately Two Years Before a Novel Idea Reaches the Bookstores

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First on our amazing creative writing facts is that before a novel transforms from being an idea spun by the author, it is put down through creative writing, passes through the ordeal of finding a publisher and reaches the bookshelves, at least 730 days or two years should have passed. Some novels actually take longer.

9. The Longest Novel Written has 1.2 Million Words

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In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust is the longest novel that has ever been written. What is baffling about the amazing creative writing facts like this is the enormous time and patience it must have taken for the author to finally conclude the story whilst ensuring it remained interesting to the reader. The novel is an astonishing 4,215 pages long.

8. The Average Time It Takes from being a Writing Hobbyist to Being Published is 8 Years

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Some writing enthusiasts actually take longer. Some may never get a published book out. This is sad but truthfully one of the untold facts about creative writing and the life of a writer.

7. The Highest Selling Book in the World Made $200,000,000

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One of the untold facts about creative writing is how much the best writers could earn from their stories. The best books could equal the money earned by a Hollywood blockbuster today. Of all of Charles Dickens’s books, his highest selling book is A Tale of Two Cities. Irrespective of how much we may have loved Great Expectations by Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, none made more money for the author’s successors – as the bulk of the sum was earned after he died – than A Tale of Two Cities.

6. Creative Writing Deals with Emotions

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One of the amazing creative writing facts is that creative writing differs from journalism, technical writing, and academic writing because its goal is not primarily based on educating and providing information. Nor is it based on lengthy arguments. Rather creative writing connects with emotions and the intellect of the reader evoking emotions and feelings.

5. Creative Writers Earn in Various Ways

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What could certainly be counted as amazing creative wriving Writingting facts are the innumerous ways in which a creative writer could earn. Whilst a majority of creative writers today earn money working as freelance writers, they could easily fit into a publishing house, work as ghost writers or earn money from their books. The possibilities are endless.

4. The Median Pay for Creative Writers is not so Bad

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Indeed, the bottom tiers of creative writers earn just over $28,000 a year. This is well known. But one of the untold facts about creative writers is that the median wage for salaried writers or authors is approximately $58,000. This is well above the GDP per capita of the United States. The highest paid writers earn as much as $117,000.

3. The Most Important Asset for a Writer is his Portfolio

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Writers do not need to have exceptional certificates and qualifications to become creative writers. This is one of the most amazing creative writing facts. Indeed, all that is needed to become a writer is the ability to write. Simply find a place to publish your work and your career has begun. The most important asset a writer has is his portfolio.

2. There are Numerous Branches of Creative Non-Fiction Writing

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On this list of untold facts about creative writing is that creative non-fiction like fiction writing has countless branches. Of these are personal essays, memoirs, short shorts (short and concise narrative works), lyric essays, personal essays and literary journalism. Each of these branches is very unique and some take on a little bit from the other types of writing especially journalism.

1. The Highest Grossing Book Based Movie Made $6.52 billion

Creative Writing

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The above mentioned figure is inflation adjusted but that is what Gone With The Wind would have fetched in today’s money. In actual terms, it grossed an astonishing $400 million when it was released in 1939. This certainly ranks as number one on our amazing creative writing facts.

These are but a few of the amazing and untold facts about creative writing. Feel free to comment and share. We love reading from you.

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