Top 10 Unintentionally Humorous Moments in Movie History

Filmmakers sometimes aim to create a strong piece of entertainment, filled with serious moments that should invoke any emotion except humor. They sometimes fail to achieve this purpose when the audience burst into laughter at somewhat serious scenes. These unintentionally funny movie scenes have created one of the best humorous moments in movie history. We are going to name the top ten unintentionally funny moments in movies.

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10. Amityville

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Amityville is a horror movie. This means that the movie is supposed to be filled with suspense and goose bump moments. However, the movie is filled with so many unintentionally funny movie scenes that it gets easy to doubt its genre. The Amityville Horror movie has some overly acted out performances that downplay its effect. The characters, George and Kathy Luz purchase the haunted house. The haunted house drives George crazy. The only way he expresses this is to scream ‘My God, I’m coming apart,’ while combing his hair during thunderstorms.

9. Exorcist II

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The first Exorcist movie was everything a horror movie should be – scary, nasty and downright creepy. We cannot say this for its sequel, Exorcist II, which instead has given us one of the best humorous moments in movie history. James Earl Jones is a locust and other characters walk around muttering –‘’Pazuzu’’. There is a scene where Linda Blair says to a girl “I was possessed by a demon…Oh, it’s okay. He is gone’’. The way Linda delivered this line makes it one of the best humorous moments in movie history. Exorcist II has been labeled as Comedy. When a movie classified in the horror genre, makes unintentionally funny moments in movies, it is okay to view it as a comedy.

8. Prophecy

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Prophecy teaches a very bizarre lesson- it is not safe to leave your sleeping bags unzipped. This already sums up the unintentionally funny moments in movies, or maybe they were. The goofy movie has a lot of scenes that proves hard to watch with a straight face like the scene where a duck is eating a fish. It is hard to even imagine that without laughing. Anyways, the sleeping bags are to thank for creating one of the best humorous moments in movie history.

7. The Wicker Man

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The remake of this movie has so many unintentionally funny movie scenes that it is hard to pick what to write about. Nicholas Cage was in a bear suit. A schoolteacher wearing a mask rides her bike on a tree-lined lane. Nicholas Cage steals the lady’s bike after ordering her to take off her mask or the woman with the beard of bees. This was filmed as a serious movie with a strong plot. However, the character interpreted the scenes in a way that became one of the unintentionally funny moments in movies.

6. Troll 2

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In Troll 2, there is a scene where the titular beasties eat a woman. This is supposed to be a horrifying scene. The green gooey substance ought to terrify the audience or at least, make them barf. This is hardly the case because what Darren Ewing says next invokes a chuckle instead. Screaming “they are eating here…and then they are going to eat me…Oh my God’’ doesn’t help the audience relate to the supposedly scary scene. It may also be the way the camera zoomed in on his face while he screamed. Whatever the reason, this is one of the unintentionally funny movie scenes that were supposed to be horrifying.

5. The Happening

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Americans are pushed into killing themselves by a strange chemical carried by a soft breeze. This soft breeze is supposed to be a terrifying element in this movie. It is hard enough to view a gentle wind as a horror. The audience is also supposed to be scared watching some of the unintentionally funny movie scenes that are shown in the movie. Imagine Mark Wahlberg, who plays the lead role, running away from the evil. He runs for a while and stops to say ‘Oh no’ and then starts to run again. There is the scene where a man throws himself in front of a moving lawnmower. Another character drives headlong into a tree. Another goes out to meet lions and surrender himself as food. Not sure if that is the way the director was headed, but these scenes created unintentionally funny moments in movies.

4. Star Wars episode II

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This is the scene where Hayden Christensen in his Anaskin Skywalker character complains about sand to his love interest, Padme. He laments “I don’t like sand. It is coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere’’. He delivered his lines in such a painful way that it doesn’t go unnoticed by the viewer. The dialogue was supposed to spark off the romance between Anaskin and Padme. However, the line was so awkward that we have no choice but to place it on our list of unintentionally funny moments in movies.

3. Man of Steel

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On the first glance, this movie may not seem like it has unintentionally funny movie scenes. Yet they hide in plain sight. Once you can recognize these, you will find yourself bursting into an uncontrollable laughter. It is General Zod and the dildo brigade. Zod, along with his people, was encased in big sized rockets that resemble dildos. Launching these dildo-shaped rockets into space makes one of the best humorous moments in movie history. If you didn’t notice that those rockets were vaguely shaped like coital toys. You need to go take watch it again.

2. A Clockwork Orange

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A man and his gang break into a woman’s house and kill her with a sculpture. Nothing should be funny about this scene. However, when the murder’s weapon is a huge penis-shaped sculpture, it is hard to take this scene seriously. The shape of the sculpture is so huge that you wouldn’t miss it. It always ends up drawing a few chuckles from the audience.

1. The Room

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The unintentionally funny movie scenes filled in this movie, drove the director Tommy Wiseau to claim it was a dark comedy. The is a scene where the Bank worker Tommy, could not take any more of his girlfriend’s manipulation and overly expressed all his emotions created one of the best humorous moments in movie history. The way he screams ‘You are tearing me apart Lisa,’ causes more laughter than sympathy. The entire movie was completely unintentionally hilarious. The fact that the director claimed it was a comedy to justify the negative review cements its number one position on the top ten unintentionally humorous moments in movie history.

These top ten unintentionally humorous moments in movies have created cherished memories. If people are laughing at a scene that is not supposed to be funny, It may be the script or the actor or the director. A filmmaker should not get offended if the audience finds his serious scenes funny. We just love to laugh. It is not you, it is – oh wait, it is all you.

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