Top 10 Unexplored Destinations in the World

There are not several frontiers left in the world as the explorers have scaled the tallest mountains as well as the deepest lakes. Your web browsers let you visit exotic, remote locales such as Galapagos. Yet, there are several unexplored destinations on the Earth that still remain uncharted. Here is a list of unexplored destinations in world.

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10. Vale Do Javari, Brazil

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If you are looking for unexplored tourist destinations that is inhabited by only few people and explored by the most daring explorers, then Vale Do Javari is one such place that you need to consider exploring. This region is one of the most isolated places and is home to 14 uncontacted tribes of Amazon. The tribes are protected by the federal agency and prefer living in isolation. Outsiders are barely permitted to invade in the territories of the tribes making it one of the unexplored destinations on the Earth.

9. Northern Patagonia, Chile

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This region is home to hot springs, glaciers, rainforests and wildest landscapes. This is the most sparsely populated region in Chile. It was earlier one of the many unexplored destinations in Chile. However, since 80s a highway made this region accessible. The ice field in Northern Patagonia is one of the largest ice masses outside the polar region.

8. Kamchatka, Russia

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This eastern peninsula is home to more than 300 volcanoes including one that has been continuously erupting since 1996. This region is a densely populated habitat of the brown bears in the world. You can as well find diverse species of salmon here. The region remained closed to westerners until 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. If you are looking for unexplored tourist destinations, then you need to consider visiting Kamchatka atleast once in your lifetime.

7. New Hebrides Trench, Pacific Ocean

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This trench is located to the east of Australia. This trench was not explored by the scientists until 2013. Underwater robots were sent by researchers from the New Zealand and the UK into the crack in the ocean floor where they found eels and prawns which are not commonly found in other deep-sea trenches. This trench, for obvious reasons, makes its way on the list of most many unexplored destinations in the World.

6. Sakha Republic, Russia

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This region occupies 1/5th of Russia. A large swath of region is located above the Arctic Circle. The climate experienced by the region is quite extreme. The average temperature reaches -46 degrees Fahrenheit during January. Most of the land in the region remains covered in permafrost. Moss and lichens makes this place a perfect habitat for reindeers. Mining activities however are taking a toll on the wilderness of the region. Lena River Delta still remains pristine making it one of the most unexplored destinations in the World.

5. Greenland

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Although the Vikings landed in this region around 1000CE, there are still several regions that need to be discovered in Greenland. During 1999, six new untouched islands were discovered off the coast. The inland part still remains uninhabited. Ice caps cover 80 per cent of the island making it one of the most unexplored destinations in World.

4. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

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This island comprises of some of the oldest rocks of the country. This island was shaped by the glaciers and the vast wilderness is home to some unique animals. The 2.9 million acres of land are some of the wildest in the entire Southern Hemisphere making it one of most unexplored destinations in World.

3. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

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This world’s largest cave has its own jungle and river. This cave is 5.5 miles long and can house a skyscraper. An expedition to explore this underground world took off in 2009. Still a major network of over 150 caves still remains unexplored making it one of the unexplored destinations in world.

2. The Amazon Rainforest

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Despite being under siege, the Amazon Basin still has a major segment of land that remains untouched making it one among several unexplored tourist destinations. Most of the basin is covered by the rainforest and it is so vast that there are still most of the tribes that absolutely have no idea about the modern civilization. Amazon has rich species of tropical rainforest on Earth. It is beautiful and at the same time dangerous. Common people have not delved deeper owing to dense bushes and huge population of venomous creatures. Hence, the Amazon Rainforest is considered to be one of the one of the unexplored destinations in world.

1. Mariana Trench

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The deep sea trenches are without any doubt the most unexplored areas in the world. Techniques are being refined by scientists for exploring the trench. It is still a mystery as to what kind of life inhabits the deep sea. Few creatures have been observed but not all. The isolation is what makes Mariana Trench one of the most unexplored tourist destinations.

We humans have the tendency to believe that modern technology has supported man in conquering every inch that Mother Nature has to offer. However, it begs to differ. This list is for everybody who wishes to forge a new path despite how uncomfortable it can prove out to be. The places on the list are clearly unexplored tourist destinations in the World.

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