Top 10 Unexplained Mystical Structures

An American naturalist recently coined the phrase out-of-place artifact (OOPart) to refer to the pieces of art that are mystical in every sense of the word. When you think about it, OOPart is actually a very appropriate name for the unexplained mystical structures of the world. The following is a list of the top ten mystical structures from around the world.

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10. Nazca Lines


The desert of Peru is home to one of the unexplained mystical structures of all time. Nazca lines are a combination of various geometric patterns to different animals that have been meticulously stylized into a couple of human forms. So many questions have arisen concerning these lines- were they left by aliens? Who thought of such an elaborate structure that can be viewed from the air long before airplanes were discovered? Where the ancients of Peru capable of flight?

9. Unfinished Obelisk of Aswan

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Archeologists unearthed another one of the world’s unexplained mystical structures in the Aswan quarry of Egypt. The obelisk was probably being built to be erected by the ancient Egyptians but they didn’t erect it for some reason- probably because it developed cracks or maybe the builders were interrupted by some external aggression and never got to finish this masterpiece.

8. Stonehenge

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Lying on the Salisbury plain in England is one of the leading unexplained mystical structures of all time. It is mainly comprised of thirty stones that are standing upright and each of the stones is at least 10 feet tall weighing at least 26 tons. The stones form a perfect circle and they even have a similar smaller circle inside. The origin of this mysterious structure is still a subject of debate but there is evidence that astrologers have used the stones to predict the 56-year cycle of eclipses. Stranger than fiction huh?

7. Ggantija Malta

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The Maltese Island of Gozo is home to the Ggatinja, which is a complex of two ancient temples. These are some awesome mystical structures that have astounded even modern science. No one knows how the ancient natives of Maltese were able to come up with such elaborate architecture without the use of metallic tools. Figurines associated with fertility have been found in the temple which could mean the temple was more of a fertility center than a place of worship – or maybe the temple was for a fertility god.

6. Olmec heads

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The Olmec heads of Mexico also make the list of some of the awesome mystical structures of all time. These 17 heads were carved from stone between 1500-1000 B.C and they weigh anything between 6-50 tons. The heads were each curved with some form of headdress which indicates they signified some form of political rulers. However, some experts suggest that the sculptures resemble black men which would mean that somehow, some Africans managed to visit the Americas long before modern means of transportation were discovered.

5. Stone spheres of Costa Rica


The stone spheres of Costa Rica are also some awesome mystical structures. The stones have been documented from as early as the 1930s even though they range in size from a couple of centimeters of meters wide in diameter. The spheres are made from granodiorite, an igneous rock but what makes these spheres so mystical is the fact that they were actually carved by man.

4. Yonaguni Monument

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In the wake of 1987, some awesome mystical structures were discovered under the water near one of the Yonaguni’s coasts. The structures have flat parallel edges, sharp right angles and edges, columns and pillars – a clear indication that the structure is a man made. There is no way such an elaborate structure would be built under water so the structure must have been built during the recent ice age, which is around 10,000 years ago. This makes it the oldest known structure on earth.

3. Moai Easter island

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Easter Island, one of the least inhabited islands on the planet, is home to some awesome mystical structures. Very little is known about these giant head stone sculptures. However, excavations have proven that they all have bodies which have since been swallowed into the ground. It is believed that the island is actually the peak of a mountain that was swallowed up by water over time. Nobody knows for sure where the inhabitants of the island came from which complicates the story even more.

2. GobekliTebe

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Historians believe that this mystical structure, located in Turkey, is probably the world’s oldest religious shrines. The shrine is made of stone pillars and columns which have distinctive carvings of animals. The structure dates back to a time in history when men were considered hunters and gatherers with no form of civilization.

1. Pyramid of Giza


Also referred to as the pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Giza has literally put Egypt on the map. It is the only one of the mystical structures among the seven wonders of the ancient world, which has survived in a substantially intact form. The pyramid was built to be a tomb of King Khufu, an Egyptian King, and it was built over a 20 year period. This pyramid remained to be the tallest man-made structure for not less than 3,800 years.

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