Political theories are the reason behind the way our governments are run, the decisions they take and the actions of the polity. Political theories have in one way or another shaped the world’s history till today. Some of these political theories have been responsible for genocides, terrorist activities and world wars. Others have earned credit for more positive reasons. Here we take a look at the top ten most underrated political theories today.

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10. Venizelism

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The irony here is that whilst this is currently on our list of underrated political theories, these political sociological theories proved popular in the 20th century. Proposed by the well known Greek Prime Minister and philosopher, Eleftherios Venizelos it combined anti-monarchism, liberalism and Greek-nationalism. The world often overlooks the role this prime minister played in the First World War and the expansion of the Greek state.

9. Third International Theory

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The proponent of one of the most unpopular political sociological theories is the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Contained in his self-authored book The Green Book, his political sociological theories are a mixture of African nationalism, Arabism and Islamic-socialism with a minute mix of direct democracy. Not too surprisingly, his theories never really took hold outside Libya. However, they still remain immensely popular, despite his demise, especially in the ongoing Green Resistance.

8. Metaxism

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The Greeks have been known for their philosophical outlook. Despite this, Ioannis Metaxas’s authoritarian nationalist Greek ideology was not one of the more popular political theories. This theory can however be praised for its impact in helping Greece in its Second World War showdown with the Axis powers. Though Metaxism may be on the list of most underrated political theories, it is currently experiencing a resurgence with the rise of the Golden Dawn theory.

7. Pan-Slavism

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In the mid-nineteenth century, Pan-Slavism, which calls the political unity of all Slavic speaking peoples, was a major force. This theory recognized that the Slav people of east central and Eastern Europe had a common identity and sought to unite them to achieve common political and cultural goals. Pan-Slavism was one of the reasons behind Serbian and Russian involvement in the Ottoman war of 1876-1877. Present nationalistic rivalries amongst the Slav peoples have prevented them from uniting and collaborating thereby limiting its effectiveness.

6. Turanism

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Amongst the political-sociological theories that played a major role in the First World War, Turanism ranks top. This nationalistic ideology is themed around the veneration of the ‘Turanid race.’ This was the official ideology of the then Ottoman Empire and the racist nature of this ideology was one of the reasons behind the first genocide of the 20th century against Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians.

5. Ba’athism

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This political theory advocates for a unified Arab state through a single political party. Whilst this ideology was once famed during the Levant era, many factors, not excluding the ‘Arab Spring,’ have brought this ideology to its knees. With the overthrowing of the Ba’athists in Iraq, the last stronghold for this ideology is Syria.

4. Stalinism

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This blend of communism was proposed and conceptualized by Joseph Stalin. Stalinism and Metaxism are two currently underrated political theories that helped in turning the fate of the Second World War against Nazi-Germany. This largely forgotten theory helped in defeating Nazi-Germany and contributed to the extermination of more than 30 million people.

3. National Bolshevism

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Like its name suggests, National Bolshevism is a combination of Nationalism with Bolshevism. Whilst this is one of our top ten most underrated political sociological theories, it is one that the world should turn its attention to. Why? Well, one of the major contributors to this theory is Alexandr Dugin, a political theorist and scientist who has close ties to the Kremlin. Alexandr Dugin’s theories are the reason behind Vladimir Putin’s present annexation of Crimea.

2. Showa Statism

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Even though this theory makes our list of underrated political theories, Showa-Statism is one of the major reasons behind Japan’s involvement in the Second World War. This theory is majorly focused on Japanese-state directed nationalism.

1. Islamism

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Underrated? Yes it is. But should it? Islamism otherwise referred to as Political Islam aims at implementing Islamic values in all aspects of life. This political theory is concerned with literalism and moral conservatism and reordering society and government in accordance with the prescribed rules of the Shari’ah. It also focuses on the removal of non-Muslim or western influences (particularly economic, cultural, military, social and political) that are incompatible with Islam. Prominent figures in Islamism are Ruhollah Khomeini, Abu Ala Maududi, Sayyd Qutb and Hassan al-Banna. This political theory is deemed responsible for the rise of one of the most brutal and most aggressive Islamist militia ever known, ISIS.

So there you have it – the list of most underrated political theories, carefully selected for the limited attention the world currently gives them. Some like Islamism are presently responsible the activities of certain Islamic groups like ISIS spearheading a brutal and highly aggressive line of terrorist activities today.

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