Top 10 Unbelievable Facts About Monsters

According to Wikipedia, the word “monster” is usually used in connection with some mythological creature which is causing fear or even physical harm to those who dare to cross its way. The word is derived from Latin “monstrum” which describes something that is wrong with the natural order of things. The modern meaning is various but it usually holds the basic characteristic – unnatural in some way. The following list of ten most unbelievable facts about monsters doesn´t contain facts in a scientific meaning, these are facts derived from mythologies and legends which are full of monsters of various kinds: from dragons and giant sea-snakes to Frankenstein and Dracula.

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10. Loch-Ness Monster

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Did you know that sightings reports of famous “Nessie” are more than 1,200 years old? The first mention of a monster in the Scotish lake Loch-Ness can be found in the book “Life of St. Columba” written by Adomnán who served as an abbot of Iona in the 7th century.

9. Dracula – The Son of the Dragon

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Within this list of interesting facts about monsters, this one is a special one because it is true. Romanian duke Vlad III who was an inspiration for Bram Stoker really wanted people to call him Dracula. In old Romanian language, word “Dracula” meant dragon, Dracula meant the “Son of the Dragon”. Taking into account that he was a psychopathic mass murderer, it was a pretty frightening nickname. We can imagine that life was quite scary on his manor.

8. Chupacabra – Devil of Latin America and its paranormal abilities

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In several Latin American countries – most importantly in Mexico – people are sharing scary stories about a strange monster they use to call “El Chupacabra” which is Spanish expression for goat sucker. It is said that Chupacabra has the ability to hypnotize the victim. For a beast, it is easy to suck the blood of its victim.

7. Giant Anaconda Wanted

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The anaconda is a symbol of Amazon rainforest. We know of anacondas as long as 5 meters and even slightly more. However, it is said that there are snakes longer than 9 meters. One of those who believed it was Teddy Roosevelt, U.S. president and experienced hunter, who put a reward for a skin of giant Anaconda. Although scientists don´t dismiss the idea that giant anacondas existed in recent past, today´s snakes are probably not longer than 5 meters. But even this length deserves to be in the list of facts about monsters.

6. Ropen – Every Creationist’s Dream

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Ropen is a name of mythical creature living in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Its description is so similar to that of long extinct Pterodactylus that many believe it is actually a flying dinosaur which was able to survive to our era. Among unbelievable facts about monsters, this takes one of the top spots. Ropen is wanted by creationists because it can support their belief. However, it seems that Ropen doesn´t want to show in a near future. The only recent claim of its observation comes from a Texan adventurer who stated that Ropens are bioluminescent.

5. Gigantic Octopus

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Sailors were talking about giant sea serpents and gigantic octopuses from the ancient times. These mythical monsters are said to be able to destroy a ship. If real, these monsters could be an inspiration for beasts like Lusca or Kraken. The only physical piece of evidence of their existence were remains of so-called St. Augustine Monster washed up on the coast of Florida in 1896. However, it was found later that these remains were not of an octopus.

4. Golem of Prague

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Golem is an artificial creature from Jewish mythology. The most famous Golem is that created by rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague in the 16th century. The Golem was created to protect Prague´s Jewish community against pogroms and other forms of persecution. It is proper to mention that it is said that Golem´s body is still resting in Prague´s Old-New Synagogue to be called again within our interesting facts about monsters.

3. Were-Tigers of China

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A Chinese version of the werewolf is said to be created by a curse of an ancient evil spirit. However, also other myths connected to were-tigers belong to unbelievable facts about monsters. Some people say that were-tigers are the last surviving members of an ancient animal-like race who forgot that who they were. Others believe that were-tigers are undead who were once killed by a tiger.

2. Black Annis

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Witch of Leicestershire, England who likes fresh meat of lambs and children. Parents were trying to scare their children and force them to behave by telling them the story of Black Annis. As this is a list of facts about monsters, what about some facts? Black Annis has a blue skin and lives in a cave.

1. Dames Blanches

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Monsters on the top of our list of unbelievable facts about monsters don’t really look like monsters. These pretty ladies are guarding bridges and ask for a price when one want to cross the bridge. They demand a dance. If the traveler rejects it, he will be thrown down from the bridge or be tortured by various creatures.

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