Top 10 Unbelievable Facts about Horrifying Experiments on Humans

When you ask a selected group of random people, “What is the most dangerous, or Scariest animal on earth?” you’re bound to get a variety of answers. The hippopotamus is dangerous; spiders are scary; snakes are deadly. All of these statements very true. However, many fail to realize that humans are the most dangers, scariest animal on earth. Human perform horrifying and evil acts in the name of science, religion, and war. After an in-depth internet search, I have compiled a different list from across many lists This is 10 Unbelievable Facts about Horrifying Experiments on Humans that are Scary and plain Evil. **Warning** Not for Weak of Heart.

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10. Curing Insanity with Surgery.

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Dr. Henry Cotton became head of an insane asylum in 1907; he believed that minor infections were the primary cause of insanity. He started a procedure he named “surgical bacteriology”. He would perform surgeries in which he would remove, teeth, tonsils, colons, any organ he thought was causing the patient to be insane. In his time there, he had killed 49 of his patience, yet his records claimed he had a high rate of curing patients, so he was justified in this horrifying experiment on humans,

9. Testicle Transplants Experiments

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One horrifying experiment on humans that will have every man crossing his legs was performed between the years of 1913 to 1951 in San Quentin prison. Chief physician, Leo Stanley, believed men with low testosterone were the ones who committed crimes. Ergo, boost testosterone in men and lower crime rates. He would transplant the testicles of executed men into living men, and when that wasn’t available make a serum from various animal testicles and inject inmates.

He claimed success. He claimed he transplanted the testicles of an African- American executed male into a senile Caucasian inmate, and the Caucasian inmate had a personality change becoming energetic and lively. Stanley claimed he had successfully performed these types of experiments on over 600 inmates, using injections or transplants,

8. Unit 731

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This is probably one of the most evil human experiments performed. Commander Shiro Ishii was cruel and sick and responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes in history. Unit 731 was a secret biological and chemical research performed during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) in which numerous horrifying acts were performed including: vivisection on humans including pregnant women, amputation of limbs and reattached to other body parts, humans used as tests for grenades and flame throwers, prisoners raped and infected with STDs and studied, and prisoners infected with diseases, among some of the atrocities.

7. Syphilis Studies Tuskegee & Guatemala

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Because the United States can’t learn its mistake the first time around, it has to make its mistakes twice by doing this horrifying experiment on humans on two different sets of humans even when they know what they are doing is wrong.

6. Aversion Experiment

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During the 1970’s and 1980’s South Africa’s apartheid army submitted and forced many white lesbian and gay soldiers to some of the scariest experiments on humans. In many cases, they forced subjects to undergo “sex-change” operations, while others were forced into electric shock, chemical castration, and other unethical medical and terrifying experiments. The exact number is unknown but it is believed that close to 900 soldiers were forced into sexual reassignment by these means.

5. Experiments with Poison Gas – North Koreans, Nazis, Russians OH MY!!

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What is it with Poison? They call it the Woman’s Weapon, but apparently the most evil experiments on humans involved poison and was used by the Northern Koreans, the Nazis, and the Soviets.

Security Prison Camp 22 of North Korea was described as having laboratories with a varieties of poison gases and suffocation gases. Chambers were used in which normally a family would be sealed within and poison injected through a tube, while “scientists” observed them die. Also, North Korean women were given poisoned cabbage leaves All 50 experimented upon died horrible deaths within 20 minutes.

Would you believe the actual Nazi gas chambers aren’t on any of the lists? Other horrific experiments of the Nazis are, and comparisons to the Nazis gas chambers are, but the actual Nazi Gas Chambers that murdered thousands do not make any list of horrifying experiments on humans. Maybe they are so common place, maybe they don’t count as an experiment, but yes, the Nazi’s will go down in history for their use of gas to kill thousands during WWII.

The Poison Laboratory 1 and 12 were known as “The Chamber” to the Soviets. This was where the Soviets tested several deadly poisons including mustard gas, digitoxin, and ricin to find a tasteless, odorless gas that would not be detected post mortem. The desired C-2 was developed which changed the victim physically and died within 15 minutes.

4. Mk-Ulta US Government Using LSD in Experiment Funds #3

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There are no lengths to what humans will do in the name of science, and if you can get the government to flip the bill, even better. Without the government involvement, the movie industry would collapse, they are behind everything evil human experiment, horrifying human experiment, and we smile when 30 years later they apologize and wipe it under a rug. Well here’s another government sponsored horrifying experiment on humans.

Project MK-ULTRA was the CIA’s code name for a mind-control research program beginning in the 1950’s- 1960’s. Subjects were administered LSD and other types of drugs and methodologies to manipulate individual’s mental states and to alter brain functions. Experiments included CIA employees, military personal, doctors, other government agents, prostitutes, mentally ill patients, and members of the general public. In 1973, most of the documents were destroyed making a full investigation impossible. Still think the Bourne movies are fiction?

3. Shock Therapy & LSD Therapy on Babies

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Giving LSD and Shock Therapy on adults isn’t enough, let’s do it to babies too. This has got to be one of the most evil experiments on humans ever. Give the WTF award to Dr. Lauretta Bender of Bellevue Hospital, who as a psychiatrist during the 1940’s, thought it was a good idea to give daily shock treatment to 98 pediatric patients in order to cure them from a condition she called “childhood schizophrenia”. If this highly shocking treatment wasn’t enough, she also gave the children doses equipped for adults, of both LSD and Psilocybin (hallucinogen) for weeks at a time. She reported huge successes and supposedly she got her funds from… can you guess… The famous CIA MK-ULTRA program’s early years.

2. Vaginal Surgery without Anesthesia

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To me, as a woman, this is one of the scariest experiment on humans ever performed. During the 1840’s Pioneer of American gynecology J. Marion Sims, conducted a 3-year study on several African-American slaves searching for a surgical cure for vesicovaginal fistula – a abnormality that connects the bladder to the vagina. However, he performed all of these surgeries without anesthesia.

1. Experimental Spinal Taps on Children

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Tell me if this hurts.” For the 29th time, Yes! The most horrifying experiment on humans only because of its senseless, repetitiveness and subject matter is performing experimental spinal taps on children. Yes, in the above list there are far more horrific, evil, sick and twisted, but this one struck me as plainly too stupid to ignore.

In 1896, pediatrician Arthur Wentworth decided to test his theory that sticking a large needle into someone’s back might be painful, at the time it was thought painless????He performed an experimental one on a small girl who showed signs of pain (ya think), but he wasn’t convinced. He decided to perform the experiment 29 more times on infants and toddlers. He reached the conclusion that it was indeed temporarily painful but useful in helping diagnose disease and illness. Was 30 his magic number? Were grown adults not available?

Human cruelty and the ability to be evil will never astound me. When one walks through the dungeons of Europe and visits the torture chambers, the things human beings will do to one another is sickening. The fact that we will do horrendous acts in the name of science is a cruel façade. I believe on some level these scientists enjoy hurting humans as was seen in the not mentioned famous Stanford Prison Experiment that proved humans would intentionally be cruel to other humans if they thought they deserved it or if they thought there was a reward for it. Plain and simple Humans are the most harmful animal on the planet and we will be the detriment to ourselves. When faced to do the possibility of good vs. evil. We do what we have been “told” is “Good” even if we know it is not. We are creatures of the age-old question “Nature vs. Nurture” As long as we have a plausible excuse we are victims to our own guilt free conscious. The real call to action isn’t to answer to someone else, but to answer to yourself. We all innately know right from wrong, we choose what we do. Some are just innately wrong in their actions. Which way will you choose?

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