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The concept of surveillance is being watched by the proverbial ‘all seeing eye’. Every once in a while we all get that spooky feeling that our every move is being watched or supervised. It therefore does not help that we provide to the government an enormous amount of information about our lives. The same applies to the truck load of information that can be found on a person by simply googling or surfing through social networks. As such, there have been various speculations as to the extent of the domestic activities of the National Security Agency (NSA). We took the liberty to compile this list of top 10 TV series about surveillance. The TV series are selected based on the precision of their story, advance nature of technology being used and the plausible nature of the facts portrayed.

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10. See No Evil

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Ever wonder whether the police go through CCTV footage whenever there is a break-in at your local supermarket? This is an American real life TV series about how CCTV cameras have helped the police apprehend criminals who would have otherwise escaped justice. It does not only feature real footage, police officers, witnesses and families involved in the investigation also testify. This is literally real life surveillance on TV shows.

9. Surveillance OZ

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This is an Australian reality TV show which premiered in October 2012. It has unprocessed footage from CCTV cameras and control rooms, of cataclysm of criminal activities such as dangerous driving, muggings, risky behaviors around trains etc. Surveillance on TV shows have never kept you at the edge of your seat, like reality TV show will.

8. The Wire

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This is an American crime drama, of all TV series about surveillance; the wire focused more on a realistic form of surveillance. This series was set in Baltimore, Maryland with a story line on illegal drug trade. It focuses on an electronic telephone surveillance being used by the Baltimore City police to monitor phone calls of various drug dealers. This was initially not regarded as one of the Best TV shows between 2002 -2008, but was aired by BBC in 2009 and this attracted more viewers in the UK.

7. CSI Cyber

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This is the fourth chapter of the CSI franchise. This TV series about surveillance is different from the conventional shows. While others use technology to monitor activities of suspected criminals, here, Avery Ryan who heads the FBI cyber crimes division with the help of Mary Aiken (a cyber psychologist) use the web to uncover cyber criminals who have succeeded in hiding in the shadows. This is one of the epic examples of surveillance on TV shows.

6. Pretty Little Liars

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This series shows us that surveillance is pretty much easier than we think. This teen series centers around an anonymous antagonist simply identified as ‘A’. This antagonist threatens to reveal their deepest darkest secrets, and he is likely to follow up on his threats; as he uses various techniques to gain access to their phone calls, messages, internet usage etc. This can easily be tagged as one of the best TV shows.

5. Homeland

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Surveillance on TV shows are hardly ever realistic, this however is not the case with Homeland. The show centers around the romantic entanglement between returned prisoner-of-war and Mathison, politician-hero Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), terrorist sleeper agent; in the first series, Mathison is seen to employ several form of modern day surveillance as she suspects Nicholas of being a terrorist. This TV series about surveillance by Homeland security can be classified as one of the Best TV shows, as it hits close to home.

4. The Last Enemy

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This is one TV series about surveillance that has continued to impress. This drama is set in London and deals with a data base known as ‘Total Information Awareness’. This centralized database can be used to monitor the activities of anybody by simply polling information from government and corporations (such as credit cards, phone use, internet use, rentals and purchases). I was particularly spooked by the plausibility of the technology in this TV show. This will go down in time as one of the best TV shows.

3. Mr. Robot

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This TV show has only aired one season so far but it has us eager for more. The plot is about Elliot Alderson, a tech guy who works at a cyber security company. Unlike most surveillance on TV shows, the show depicts hacking in a more realistic light, and gives details on cyber security which are extremely fascinating. This makes it to my list of Best TV shows ever!

2. The Prisoner

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Surveillance on TV shows has never been so frightening. This classic short series was originally aired in the 1960s. It’s a story of a retired spy who was kidnapped from his home and taken to a place called the ‘village’. Here everyone is known by a number and there is constant surveillance.

1. Person of Interest

TV Series

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This is an American science fiction with a dash of crime and drama. Person of interest is a story of a former CIA agent and a billionaire software genius joining forces to form a vigilante crime-fighting team. The billionaire software genius Finch develops a program which used pattern recognition to identify individuals who would soon be involved in violent crimes. This sort of surveillance on a TV show gives a glimpse of the peculiar workings of technology in this century.

We couldn’t conclude without saying that although these shows may be entertaining, they also raise a question as to the morality of surveillance and the age long debate of privacy versus security. If you enjoyed this read, please like, share and don’t forget to comment.

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