Top 10 True Horror Stories

It is not a big secret that people like fear. That´s why there are horror books or horror movies. People like to switch the lights off and watch good horror. Since the 1922 movie Nosferatu, horror is fully established as a movie genre. Recent epidemy of scary clown incidents is also a manifestation of our attraction to scary stories. However, the whole point of enjoying the fear is in the fact that we are safe. Watching mass murders on screen is OK, but engaging with it in the real world is not as cool. When you will read these true horror stories, keep in mind that these are considered real and so was the horror…

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10. The Story of H. H. Holmes

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This is one of those real-life horror stories and it is something special. H. H. Holmes is often called America´s First Serial killer. In the 1890s, he built and ran a hotel in Chicago. His hotel was later named “Murder Castle”. And it really was. It was designed to be a perfect ground for murders – doors could be opened only from the outside, tiny rooms designed to suffocate victims and even a chute for dumping bodies from upper floors to the place with furnaces and acid-bath. And how many people he killed? The number is not known. It is believed that is was something between 27 and 200.

9. Sleeping with a Corpse

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Do you remember the most typical nightmare of your childhood? Do you remember the horror of the unknown danger hiding in the shadows of your bed? One guest of Capri Motel in Kansas City was an adult and he was probably not afraid of beasts under his bed. But the smell in the room was very unpleasant and he complained about it. However, he had no success with his complaints. He slept in that room for three nights with opened windows and tons of deodorant. When cleaning staff was making the room for another guest, they have found a dead body under the bed. It was a man with a nun’s wimple and fishnet stockings…

8. The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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In 1959, a scientific expedition comprising of experienced Russian hikers disappeared. When the rescue team discovered their camp, what they found was terrifying. The tents were torn apart, dead bodies had signs of massive internal injuries comparable to a car crash. Up to now, no one knows what really happened there. The official report says that people died because of “compelling natural force”. Will we ever discover what happened there? This is one of the most famous horror stories.

7. Calls from the Next World?


In September 2008, two trains collided in Los Angeles and 25 people have died. One of them was Charles E. Peck who was maybe hours from getting a job in LA. During several hours after the crash, his loved ones received more than 35 calls from his phone. But static could be heard and when they called back, their calls were automatically redirected to the voicemail immediately…

6. Dogs Committing Suicide

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In 1994, a local man threw his infant son down the Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland because he was convinced that his baby son is an anti-Christ. But the baby was not the only victim of the bridge. In fifty years, almost fifty dogs leaped down from the bridge. Maybe this case can be explained by some animal behaviorist. But maybe not… In any case, this is another interesting example of true horror stories.

5. California´s Funhouse

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There was a popular attraction at Nu-Pike Amusement Park, Long Beach, California – the funhouse. The difference of this funhouse was that there were no props imitating dead bodies. There were actually dead bodies… This scary mystery was discovered in 1976 when the Universal Studios crew started to prepare the funhouse for filming a TV show called ‘Six Million Dollar Man’. During the preparations, someone moved the “hanging man” to reveal that this is not a prop… His arm fell and the bone appeared.

4. Buried Alive

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To be buried alive is the worst nightmare of many people. And it is completely understandable. In September 2014, visitors of the graveyard in Greece heard the banging and shouting from one of the graves. When workers dug the coffin out, there was a dead woman. And according to doctors, she was dead for several hours… The idea of being buried alive is worse than most of the other horror stories.

3. Flesh-Eating Maggots

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OK, there is nothing mysterious or paranormal in this story. No ghosts, dead corpses or anything like that. But it definitely is a horror story… A young British woman spent her holiday in Peru. When she returned, she had an intense headache, she heard some scratching noise inside her head and some fluid leaked from her ear. Doctors realized on an investigation that Cochliomyia bugs, known also as the New World screwworm flies, laid eggs inside her head and when larvae appeared, they were eating her flesh.

2. The German Cannibal

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The story of Armin Meiwes filled the headlines of newspapers all around the world back in 2001. At first, he published an advert telling that he is looking for a man who is “well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed”. And one man really responded… When they met, Meiweis cut off the man´s penis and then they fried it with salt, wine and garlic. There is a footage of it – fortunately not public – which shows that Meiweis read the Star Trek book while his victim was bleeding in the tube until Meiweis stabbed him to death. If this is not one of the major horror stories, what else is?

1. The Congelier Mansion

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Being an inspiration for the American Horror Story: Murder House, often called the most haunted house in America, this house witnessed really too much… In 1871, a wife caught her husband with a servant girl and stabbed them both to death. In 1900, an explosion in the house meant that the police entered it, only to find several heads of young girls. The owner of the house was trying to make them alive… Then there were stories about ghosts and other paranormal activities until 1927 when the house was destroyed by a gas explosion. Probably the most famous of all American true horror stories…

As you can see, the horrors are not only appearing in the movies, they can be real. So, will you enjoy the horror movie tonight?

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