Top 10 Trendy Winter Wears

Gone are the days when the winter season meant putting on heavy and unfashionable outfits with the sole purpose of dealing with the cold. Nowadays, winter fashion is not a subject of debate- it is undoubtedly huge. From celebrities to politicians to the common man, trendy winter wears find a home in many closets. Read on and discover some of the trendy winter wears you can enhance your wardrobe with.

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10. Cashmere Sweater

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Not only is a cashmere sweater casual and universal but it is also incredibly warm. You can wear it with a number of outfits such as a collared shirt (ensure it protrudes below), jeans, midi skirts, leather pants and printed trousers. Try this winter fashion and see how attached you will be.

9. Winter Coat

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Nothing screams style than a statement winter coat custom made for the cold season. It is one of the trendy winter wears that adds a pop of color to the overall outfit while generating warmth for the user. Pair it with tight and stylish clothing underneath and finish the look with a pair of designer gloves and you are good to go!

8. Fedora

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If you are really out to look for the latest winter clothes as opposed to traditional winter fashion, then fedora might be your solution. It is an enhanced hat made from wool or felt that offers a solution to those who do not necessarily feel the beanie vibe. This fashion item is very stylish and warm-the two most important qualities of trendy winter wears.

7. Ski Jacket

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Ski jackets are no longer outfits for the slopes only; they have found their way to the runway as well thanks to Balenciaga’s Dena Gvasalia. These are readily available in stores so you have no excuse but to look chic and trendy in these one-of-a-kind winter statements.

6. Long Sleeves

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Rihanna rocked the Fenty X Puma runway putting on one of the rarest winter fashion in the form of extremely long sleeves. At first, everyone wondered whether this qualifies to be among the latest winter clothes because the style was a bit complex. It didn’t take long before ladies embraced this style that covers the hand all the way to the fingers giving no room for accessories. Long sleeves are also easy to wear because the hand can be wiggled out at any point when need arises.

5. Turtleneck Under A Dress

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Summer maxi dresses can play as trendy winter wears when paired with the right turtlenecks. The only secret is to blend colors so as to end up with a high fashion outfit rather than an ugly mess. Don’t forget to throw in your beloved accessories to really accentuate the look even more.

4. Blanket Wrap Scarf

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You cannot possibly boast of having the latest winter clothes if your wardrobe lacks the elegant and easy to wear blanket wrap scarf. The beauty with this style is that you can throw it over any kind of outfit or wrap around it as many times as you possibly can. Remember, the bigger the better-always.

3. Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is every girl’s best friend. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing for the day, the jacket always complements the style. Put it on when you are headed to the office or the party or just taking a walk in the cool of the day. A leather jacket has the ability to transform any winter fashion and take it from boring to trendy or from simple to elegant.

2. Over The Knee Boots

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Over the knee boots are also among the latest winter clothes perfect for all occasions really. They look so chic and stylish that you probably won’t need any more style statements to make a fashion point. Wear them with your favorite skinny jeans and a turtleneck for a casual look out in the streets or a mini dress for your friend’s wedding. Like many other winter clothes, over the knee boots are warm while screaming class and elegance.

1. Skinny Jeans

Trendy Winter Wears

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You cannot go wrong with skinny jeans during the winter season. Since these trendy winter wears hold on tightly to your skin, you are guaranteed of warmth at all times. They are also great because you have the freedom to add multiple layers of outfits on top of the skinny jeans to keep warm the more. Wear them with a leather jacket and a flat heeled bootie during the day or for a night out with your friends.

We sincerely hope you found this article educative especially because winter is here with us. Let us know on the comments section below. We appreciate you taking time to read through the article and hope you will find time to go through the rest of the reads on this website.

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