Top 10 Trendy Handicrafts for your Drawing Room

Drawing rooms are delicate spaces that need a lot of tender love and care. When guests walk in through the door, the first stop over for many homes is the drawing room. They may also spend an awfully long time there which means drawing room handicrafts can come in handy in making these spaces lovely and welcoming. Without wasting too much time, take a look at the top ten trendy handicrafts for drawing room that are quite fun and easy to do.

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10. A Furry Stool

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Let us begin with a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project that guarantees amazing results in an instant- the furry stool. Don’t worry, you won’t need to paint or a sawing machine yet; just collect some furry material, an ancient style table legs and a round wooden board. White furry material looks great according to us but feel free to use whatever color suits your drawing room decorating ideas.

9. Faux Stoneware

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Instead of using the traditional earthed nut pod to hold your beautiful flower in the room, why don’t you spice things up a little by creating your own style? This will require painting but just a little to get that shiny look on the outside of the nut pod. Once you finish painting the outside of the stoneware, position it well, sit back and enjoy one of your trendy handicrafts for drawing room.

8. Bendable Balloon Tails

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These are amazing drawing room decorating ideas perfect for a house party. If you are very creative, you can make these drawing room handicrafts part of your everyday décor actually. Otherwise, many homes employ bendable balloon tails only during big parties because they look great with party décor.

7. Hat Pendant Lights

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Hat pendant lights are big this season for one reason-they look insanely cute! Use some of your beautiful hats to hang the lights in a creative and elegant manner. If you are not so good with electrical stuff, you are better off working with an electrical pro to complete this project. Once done, your guests will want to copy everything because these are among trendy handicrafts for drawing room.

6. Geometric Shapes

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Bare walls are neither inviting nor beautiful. One of the drawing room decorating ideas is to get down to business- the kindergarten business. Remember when you were little and the teacher would request you to come to school with some geometrical shapes? Well, this knowledge could be made into useful use through the creation of one of the trendy handicrafts for drawing room (just make sure yours doesn’t look like that of a young child). Hang them up on your walls and see the transformation they bring on your space.

5. Memo Board

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The things your hands can do are limitless no wonder science is ever evolving. A memo board is another example of drawing room handicrafts made from plywood, elastic coding and some decorative materials. You only require a little skill on how to bring everything to life and you will love your space like never before.

4. Palm Printed Pillow

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This cold season has seen the emergence of some of the greatest drawing room decorating ideas ever. Palm printed stuff such as pillows have made a way into our homes and we love them to death. You can make yours at home today if you can operate the sewing machine. These are soft and great decorative items for any given space.

3. Weaved Wall Hanging

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When we say DIY we mean getting out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill. Weaving for instance can make or break your efforts of trendy handicrafts for drawing room. If you can hack this skill, beautiful wall hangings will find their way into your drawing room. These look edgy and fantastic for any space.

2. Crepe Paper Flower Garland

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Surprise your guests during the holidays by crafting a crepe paper flower garland using your sewing machine. This requires a long time to be honest but the end result justifies the process. Even after Christmas decorations have been packed away, this colorful pattern remains to be one of the all-time drawing room handicrafts.

1. Display Table

Trendy Handicrafts

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Talk about drawing room decorating ideas with a great reward! Display tables are nothing new to our spaces. The best part about having one in your drawing room today is you can convert one of your old storage bunks into a classy and tremendous display table. You might have to apply some paint but eventually, you will end up with a great decorative item perfect for placing flower vases over.

These drawing room handicrafts are only a fraction of the possibilities available for decorating your drawing room. The list could go on and on which is why sometimes we wonder why people don’t embrace the idea of doing things by themselves. Otherwise, we appreciate your time here and request you to stop by this website for other fun and interesting reads.

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