Top 10 Travel Nightmare Stories

Recently, we asked our readers to send their travel nightmare stories to us. Some vacation nightmare stories were terrible. Some were appalling. And some were dangerous. The best part about these stories is that these stories are the experience to treasure forever.

Let us take a look at Top 10 Travel Nightmare Stories around the world:

10. Australian Girl Survives After a Bungee Fall

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Erin Langworthy survived even after a fall of 111m into the Zambezi River. When the bungee cord snapped, she struggled in the tides for 40 minutes before she was rescued. To add to the troubles it took her 6 hours to reach the paramedics and start with the treatment. Call it a miracle but she flew back home in 2 weeks from the incident. She was rescued by a member of the Bungee Crew.

9. 10 Days of Survival in the Outback

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Daniel Dudzisz, a German tourist was missing when he attempted to walk across almost half of Australia alone from New South Wales to Uluru. He decided to walk the distance of 3,860 kilometres on his own. Unfortunately he found himself trapped between 2 flooded riverbanks of the Barcoo River. He is a diabetic had sufficient insulin with him. He had a little supply of baked beans and cereal but after it was exhausted, he turned to eat flies. He was saved by a passerby motorcycle fellow.

8. Insects in Your Ear

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British traveller Rochelle Harris was travelling from Peru by flight when she started getting a headache. She began hearing odd scratching noises in her ear. When she reached Britain, she went to the doctor who told her that there were 8 maggots inside her ear. She said that she had walked through a group of flies in Peru but she just waved them away. Thankfully, the incident did not cause any serious damage to her ear.

7. Drug on the Shoe

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Keith Brown, British worker was travelling from Ethiopia to London when he was inquired by customs officers in Dubai. It was found that he had cannabis on him, and was put behind bars for 4 years. The amount of cannabis was 0.003 grm and it was accidentally stuck to his shoe bottom. Fortunately, he was forgiven and released early on in his sentence.

6. New Trout Cave Incident

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Gary Lutes had a great love for caving. He shared his passion with his sons. In the year 1990, he planned a caving trip to West Virginia’s New Trout Cave. They began their tour by wearing 3 headlamps and carried basic supplies with them. After covering 305 meters, they arrived at a point called as ‘The Maze’. It had tight spaces due to jagged rocks. Fearing that the pack might become a hinder, he left it back and moved ahead, thinking that he might before the headlights die.

It was only after few minutes that the boys’ lamp burnt out and while returning back they realized that they had lost their way. After some time, Gary’s lamp also died. They were stuck in the caves without food and water. After 5 days a nearby inhabitant realized that for a long time a car was standing outside the cave and he immediately informed the authorities. On the 5th day the family was rescued.

5. Florida Parasailing Accident

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Two 17 years old Indiana girls, Sidney and Alexis, while holidaying in Florida met with a serious parasailing incident. When the wind increased, the operator tried to bring them down. The shocked viewers saw the girls screaming and heading towards the building. A building resident tried to hold them, but due to strong wind they crashed in a parking lot after hitting the power lines and landed on windshield. A a result of such kind of travel nightmare stories, Sidney is suffering from a long lasting health problems which includes vision problem. Alexis suffered from a back broken, serious lacerations and head trauma.

4. Danger Caused by Methanol

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A 23 year old British girl, Cheznyme Emmons once went to visit Indonesia with her boy friend. Late night she fell ill and was rushed to the hospital as she was unable to see. She went into coma sadly afterwards. And then investigation took place which showed that she drank alcohol thinking it was gin but actually it was originally home brewed methanol which is fatal to health causing dangers like kidney failures, death and blindness. Later on, it was discovered that she can never recover in life.

3. A Cry in the Wild

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Lindy Chamberlain once went for camping in Uluru with her family. In the night, she put her 9 week old daughter Azaria in the tent and went out. Sometime after, a loud scream was heard and Azaria was found missing. It was initially found that 9 weeks baby had been taken away and killed by dingo, the wild dog. However, later suspicion fell on Lindy and her husband for killing their daughter. As a result they were put into the prison for lifetime. After this incident extensive research took place on the same subject claiming that they were innocent and that the attack was made by dingo only and thereafter they were released.

2. A Girl Who Was Never Seen Again

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A 17 year old, Brittanee Drexel headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her friend and boyfriend. There she visited one of her friends, who stayed in Blue Water Hotel. After 10 minutes, she headed towards the hotel lobby at 9 pm and was never seen again. CCTV caught her leaving and entering the hotel, but no clue was found. Police interviewed the person whom Brittanee met, but no evidence was found. After this incident, Brittanee’s mother moved to Myrtle Beach from Rochester to find what exactly happened with her daughter. Learn a lesson from these stories and prevent yourself to be a part of such types of vacation nightmare stories.

1. Oregon Tragedy

Nightmare Stories

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James Kim together with his wife and 2 daughters headed towards southern coast and missed a turnoff. After following a shortcut road on the map Kim realized that the road was blocked. So, he tried to go back but was not able to do so. They spent several days inside the car and then James decided that he would go for seeking the help and said he would come back if he doesn’t finds the route. After 9 days, James parent rescued Kim’s wife and daughter. After 2 days they found Kim’s body which was 1 mile away from their car. If Kim would have walked in the opposite direction, James would have discovered a vacant lodge full of food and supplies. These types of vacation nightmare stories certainly teach us a lesson.

There are many such deadly incidences that families have faced during their vacations or treks. These were just a few of them and you must learn the moral points from each vacation nightmare stories so that you prevent yourself from creating another such travel horror stories.

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