Top 10 Tips to Stay Stress Free During Exam

Managing exam stress has been one of the major issues for students. Why is exam period stressful? This is the period when you need to read hard, coupled with the tension that comes with exam. To decrease stress during exams, there are some key tips to bear in mind. Below are 10 ways to be stress free during exam.


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10.Be punctual to your exam venue


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Going to the exam hall at an early hour (before exam commences) is a nice way to decrease stress during exams. When we talk about stress, it has a lot to do with the mind. Going to the exam hall before the actual time keeps your mind relaxed and makes you more focused. Also, being punctual for an exam gives you the opportunity to be informed about any changes of exam venue. I have almost missed an exam due to an eleventh-hour change of venue. It took me ample amount of time to locate the new venue, and the stress that accompanied it was terrible. So, punctuality is one of the ways to beat stress during exams.

9.Decrease stress during exams by staying away from alcohol


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For those who have had hang overs to the exam hall, you will be able to relate to this tip. If you’ve never had this experience, I urge you not to try it at all if you are truly keen on managing exam stress. For those with “exam-hangover” experience, there is little to say to you because the experience you had should have taught you a great lesson.

8.Avoid distraction


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There is time for everything you do. Nowadays, most students get easily distracted by social media and these have affected them negatively. So if you are looking for ways to beat stress during exams, steer away from Facebook, Twitter, etc. and focus on your book.

7.Stroll around your neighborhood


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Taking a walk is one of the best ways to beat stress. This helps to relax the mind and keep the body in the right state for maximum function.

6.Have some great time with your pet


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You think this tip is not necessary? I have done this a couple of time and I can confidently say that it worked perfectly for me. If you have a dog, a cat, or any other pets that are precious to you, take out time (about 30 minutes) to play with them and see the wonder it will do to the state of your mind.

5.Interact with your loved ones

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All work without play makes Jack a dull boy” is an important phrase that’s still very much in play in our society today. Managing exams stress can be achieved by spending some time with your friends and loved ones. You don’t need to read 24/7 to be successful during exams. Having a swell time with your loved ones prepares the mind for a successful exam.

4.Avoid caffeine during exam period

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I will consider this list as incomplete and ambiguous without talking about this point. I need to share my experience with you so that you can know the implication of caffeine. There was one certain time I was preparing for exams and I decided to read all through the night. I took a drink that’s rich in caffeine and I must say that it helped stay awake all through the night. But the problem started in the morning when I was preparing to go to the exam hall. I felt as if I hadn’t slept for three days and the stress I went through during exam was horrible.

3.Have a strategic reading plan

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Set up a good reading plan right from the moment you start receiving lectures. This way, you will definitely decrease stress during exams. Managing exams stress entails that you start preparation long before exams.

2.Get enough sleep

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Generally, one of the best ways to beat stress is by getting enough sleep. There is no way you will function efficiently if your system isn’t in good shape. To put yourself in the right frame of mind, you need to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. Apart from helping you to decrease stress level during exams, you assimilate well after every good sleep.

1.Eat healthily

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Eating healthily has a way of boosting a student’s academic performance. Your exam period is a time when you need to eat balanced diet. As a matter of fact, make sure you eat breakfast before going for any exam because it plays a crucial role in managing exam stress.

Following these 10 tips above is a nice way to decrease stress during exam. And when stress level is reduced drastically, you academic performance benefits the most.

If you know of any other ways to beat stress during exam, feel free to share with other students so they can benefit from it.

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