Top 10 Things to Remember Before Going Ghost Watching

Do you remember that scene of Ghostbusters in which guys are called to the city library and then they meet the real ghost for the first time? Their experience was not very pleasant as they were not ready for such an encounter. After reading our list of things to remember before going ghost watching, you will be prepared much better than Bill Murray and his friends in the movie! After extensive research of advice given by experts in the field of paranormal activity (whatever the expert means in this case), we picked up ten things you should be aware of. Don´t miss it before you start your own Ghostbusters company or if you just want to go to watch ghost!


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10. Invisible danger


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There is a problem with exploring the world of ghosts – it´s mostly invisible. You will not always see the ghost before it will hurt you. Many people state that ghosts can cause you a real, physical damage as well as they can inflict great psychological pain. And of course, old houses or cemeteries can be quite dangerous in the dark, one missed step and you can fall somewhere. Well, ghost hunting is not a walk through the rose garden.

9. Don´t believe experts


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Now, this is a good advice. The fact that someone says that he is an expert doesn´t mean that it is true. One of the most important things in before watching ghosts is to realize that nobody does really know what is going on with it. As we have said, this is very good advice (and we did not need an expert to tell us, really).

8. Ghosts are not always connected to a certain place


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Similar to the previous point, it is not always clear if the place is haunted or not in advance. Don´t believe books and paranormal guides. Also, there is one among the important things to remember before going ghost watching: sometimes, ghosts are connected with you, not with the place. You can bring your own ghost with you as sometimes, you are followed by the ghost of someone who wants to stay with you even after his or her death whether because you were loved or hated by that person…

7. Haunting living people is ghost´s full-time job


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It can be fun to scare living people from time to time but to do it 24/7 would be quite boring for a ghost, don´t you think? Why not to think about ghosts as entities with their own social life and joys and worries the same as we have. The presence of a ghost itself is not haunting, maybe it wants something else and maybe it doesn´t want anything from at all.

6. Overwhelming power of a pray


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If you think that your pray at the end of your ghosts watch and all of them automatically disappear, you are wrong. After all, the logic in this idea is not clear, why should a pray affect a ghost? Maybe if a ghost itself believe in it but anyway… There are people who rather explain ghost what they are doing and why. It seems like a much healthier approach. After all, we want to establish a contact, right? And the mutual trust is the best basis for it.

5. Possessed by a ghost


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OK, now the things are becoming serious. The ghosts are not always dangerous as stated above, but sometimes, things can get ugly when a ghost decides to possess someone. It takes a long time as a ghost will stalk on its victim first and then it will slowly begin to affect victim´s personality. So it is a process, these things are not happening within seconds.

4. Naked ghosts?


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It is sometimes said that ghosts are not wearing clothes. However, it is not the case. Some ghosts are clothed in their burial robes, some wear their favorite clothes and some wear clothes they had when they died. And of course, some are naked.

3. Ghosts in exile?


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Another among things to remember before going ghost watching is that ghosts are not here because they are in exile here. They were not cursed by a God, devil or witches to be stuck here. Ghosts can travel between our and their world at their will.

2. Get out of here, ghost!


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Top among the important things in before watching ghosts is to understand that there is no assured way how to make them leave the place. The concept that our world is in any way superior to that of ghosts´ is false. You can´t order them to leave. So have it in your mind while on ghosts watch.

1. Ghosts are not necessarily evil


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So, what is the absolute top of our list of important things in before watching ghosts? It can´t be said that ghosts are good or evil. It´s the same with the living people. Can you say that people are good? Can you say that people are evil? Some are good and some are evil. It is the same with ghosts.

At the end of this, we have one last advice – don´t get it too seriously. But if you decide to go to ghosts watch, enjoy and be careful. And if you prefer reading to the actual investigation in terrain, try our Top 10 People Who Communicated With Souls Through Ouija Board list.

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